Minimal Upgrades (free of charge)

Build and Maintenance Releases are considered Minimal Upgrades and are always free of charge between “Major Upgrades”.

  • Build Releases: Major Version and Minor Version numbers stay the same and only the Build Release number changes. For example, the first release of EASYLABEL 6.2 is The next Build Level release might be something like “ This is a free upgrade.
  • Maintenance Releases: In the example above; for version, the next Maintenance Release number might be something like “”. This is a free upgrade.

In both examples above, as long as your current version begins with “6.2”, any Minimal Upgrades beginning with “6.2” may be downloaded from Tharo’s website free. If you are not sure what version you are entitled to upgrade to, please use our free app below:

Major Upgrades (paid Upgrades)

Minor and Major Version Releases are considered Major Upgrades and require replacement of the Remote Context File (.RTC license key file). A Major Upgrade is when one of the first two digits in the EASYLABEL version number changes.

  • Minor Version Release: The second number in the EASYLABEL version changes. For example, updating from EASYLABEL 6.3 to 6.4 is considered a Major Upgrade.
  • Major Version Release: The first number in the EASYLABEL version changes.  For example, updating from EASYLABEL 6.x to 7.x is considered a Major Upgrade.

Any Major Upgrade or new EASYLABEL purchase additionally entitles you to the next chronological Major Upgrade free of charge.  For example, purchasing or upgrading to EASYLABEL 6.3 entitles you to 6.4 free of charge.


Other Upgrades

The following upgrade purchases are NOT eligible for a free upgrade to the current EASYLABEL version (unless you are already eligible or additionally purchase a Major Upgrade):

  • Customers upgrading a Feature Level (i.e. Gold to Platinum)
  • Customers purchasing Additional Users for EL Multi-User (i.e. 5 Users to 10 Users)
  • Customers purchasing Additional Printers for EL NetPrintServer
  • Customers purchasing Additional XML Seats for EL Platinum

A “Major Upgrade” may be purchased in conjunction with any of the “Other Upgrades” listed directly above.

To our EASYLABEL 4 and earlier customers interested in upgrading, your software was purchased minimally 11 to possibly 30+ years ago.  Even though the newest version of EASYLABEL will still support all your current/old label formats and databases (even back to DOS versions) the upgrade to EASYLABEL 6 and beyond must be purchased at full suggested list price.

How to Purchase

The cost of a Major Upgrade depends on what the Feature Level you own (i.e. Gold, Platinum, Terminal Server, etc.). Depending on the type of upgrade you need, you can start using your new version of EASYLABEL within the same day of purchase; after receiving the e-mailed .RTC file. EASYLABEL Europa does not sell directly to End Users. Instead, we have a network of Authorized EASYLABEL Resellers throughout Europe who can assist with the upgrade process. If you require information for an Authorized EASYLABEL Reseller in your region or for any other questions, please contact: +33 (0)3 88 74 02 20 /


For a Major Upgrade, you will need:

  1. Payment made to your Authorized EASYLABEL Reseller
  2. EASYLABEL 5 or higher on Windows XP or newer
  3. A Remote Context File (created from your existing version’s license key). Instructions on creating a
  4. Internet/e-mail access to send and receive Remote Context File as well as to download the latest version of EASYLABEL (an updated EASYLABEL software DVD will not be shipped)