Heavy-Duty Constant Adjustable Torque™ (“CAT”) technology has made the silent, easy-to-use CAT-2 the “Industry Standard” Label Rewinder.

There are no awkward troublesome belts or clutches. The CAT-2 handles labels up to 155 mm (6-inches) wide and will wind a roll of labels up to a 300 mm (12”) diameter.

Torque and Direction are fully controllable from the Control Panel.

Maximum label width : 155mm – 255mm Version CAT-2-10
Maximum roll Diameter : 300mm
Maximum Speed : 250mm/sec.


The MC-11 includes a precision-crafted Adjustable Core Holder that adjusts in seconds to accept any core diameter from 25- to 101-mm (1″ to 4″).

It uses the Constant Adjustable Torque™ (“CAT”) technology to achieve impressive, reliable performance at an unprecedented low price. A special motor, designed specifically for the MINI-CATs, offers bi-directional operation and trouble-free performance.

No awkward troublesome belts or clutches are used and no speed adjustments are required. Your MINI-CAT automatically adjusts to any printer speed up to 25cm/sec (10-ips) and even allows label back-feeding automatically if your printer requires it.

Maximum label width : 115mm
Maximum roll Diameter : 220mm
Maximum Speed : 250mm/sec.


The LD-100-RS Label Dispenser advances the state of the art with new convenience and durability. Using the latest opto-electronic technology, there is just one simple adjustment for label length. A special Reflective Sensor sits below the label and reliably and accurately senses the leading edge of your label. As you pick up a label the next one is automatically and instantly advanced.

The modern design presents the label right at the front of the machine, providing optimum convenience for both left-handed and right-handed operators. A “HIGH-LOW” Speed Switch allows adjustment for label length or operator preference. There are no mechanical position switches to cause adjustment or operational problems.

The heavy-duty product design will stand up to the most demanding environments.

Maximum label width : 115mm – 165mm Version LD-200
Maximum label length : from 6mm to 150mm
Maximum roll Diameter : 220mm
Maximum Speed : 110mm/sec.