What is EASYLABEL Multi User?
EASYLABEL Multi User allows you to purchase one hardware key to drive multiple copies of EASYLABEL over a network. 

What are the benefits of EASYLABEL Multi User?
It eliminates the need for multiple hardware keys when connected to a network. 

Can I connect to a network hardware key using my existing version of EASYLABEL?
No. In order to connect to a multi user key, you must uninstall your current version of EASYLABEL and install EASYLABEL Multi User. This is because it contains specific code that knows to look for a WIBU key on the network. However, existing formats will work with EASYLABEL Multi User. 

How does EASYLABEL Multi User work?
To start, your network administrator must choose a machine to act as the “WIBU Key Server”. Next, the WIBU Key drivers and control panel are installed. When the WIBU Key Server Process is started on the WIBU Key Server. It searches for all locally attached WIBU Boxes and makes them accessible over the network. Each of the clients then installs a copy of EASYLABEL Multi User. When EASYLABEL Multi User is launched from the clients, it will find and use one of the licenses on the WIBU Key Server. 

Does the “WIBU Key Server” need to be the File Server?
No. Any machine on the network may be designated as the “WIBU Key Server” by installing and running the “WIBU Key Server Process”. 

Does the “WIBU Key Server” need to be powered-on at all times?
Yes. In order for the clients to gain authorization to run EASYLABEL Multi User, the machine that is designated as the “WIBU Key Server” should be up and running at all times. Therefore, it is a good idea to use an existing server as the “WIBU Key Server” since these types of machines are usually always running. The WIBU Key Server Process must also be running at all times. 

What is the difference between EASYLABEL Multi User and EASYLABEL Terminal Server?
EASYLABEL Multi User is designed to work with the operating systems Windows 9.x and Windows NT/2000/XP. EASYLABEL Terminal Server is designed to only work with with the Windows Terminal Server operating system. While the network version is hard coded to allow for a fixed number of concurrent users the terminal server version is capable of having an unlimited number of users accessing the software. 

What is included when I order EASYLABEL Multi User?
EASYLABEL Multi User consists of 2 parts: 1. The CD which contains software including EASYLABEL Multi User, EasyTutor, Readme files and instructions for installation and usage. 2. A multi user WIBU Key programmed for the correct number of users.