Printing a label stored on the memory card

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When printing a label stored on the memory card with a serial number stored in a serial file on the printer, then time between labels gets longer and longer to the point where it could take several minutes between labels.

This happens when a Flash card is used to print an incrementing number. Basically, the Flash gets ‘tired’ from being written to so many times while incrementing the serial number stored in the serial file. In order to correct the problem, the card must be reformatted and the label formats must be downloaded again.

Use a sRAM card instead of Flash when printing serial numbers in stand alone mode. There is a downside to sRam in that it is volatile. If the battery in the card ever runs down, the data stored on the card will be lost. Always keep back-ups of the label formats when using sRAM. The Flash cards are non-volatile and should be used under most circumstances EXCEPT when there is an incrementing (serial) number being printed from the memory card (stand-alone).