Possible Communication Problem When Using the 4MB DRAM

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We have been notified by Datamax of a possible communication problem when using the
4MB DRAM simm module and/or the 4MB flash memory module with Hercules 600 and 800.
This communication problem is possible on Hercules 600 and 800 printers with JA type
main logic boards. The communication problem mentioned above may be manifested as

a. 4MB DRAM simm module
1. Error message “FAULT 2” is displayed duringinitialization.
2. The printer failed the configuration test.
3. The printer locked up.

b. 4MB flash memory module.
1. No response is displayed on the front panel.

2. The flash memory module cannot be formatted.

These problems should be resolved by replacing the programmable logic device located
at U44 of the JA main logic board on both printers. Replace the component at U44,
P/N 58-2122-01A, with P/N 58-2122-01AB. You may obtain this component by contacting
our Service Department at Tharo.