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The WIBU-Key Server can be moved to another computer by simply stopping the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application from running on the old computer and then installing it on the new computer.

Before you begin, make sure you can locate the following items:

Download the latest version of the WIBU-Key drivers from

EASYLABEL 5 Multi-User WIBU-Key (opaque Teal in color with a round ‘M’ Label)

Then follow these steps:

NOTE: Do NOT install a USB Multi-User WIBU-Key until the AFTER the WIBU drivers are installed. Installing a USB WIBU-Key before the WIBU drivers are installed will cause the WIBU-Key to be added to Device Manager as an ‘unsupported device’ and the WIBU drivers will not be able to find the key.

Stop the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application from running. Right click on the WIBU-Key Server icon in the system tray and select ‘Exit’ from the pop-up context menu. If the WIBU-Key Server was is running as a service, select ‘Stop Service’ from the pop-up context menu. Alternatively, in Windows NT, 2000 or XP you can use the CRTL+ALT+DELETE key combination to open the Task Manager. From the processes tab, highlight “WkSvW32.exe” and choose End.

NOTE: The WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application is part of the WIBU-Key driver package. Therefore, if the ‘old’ WIBU-Key Server is also an EASYLABEL client, leave the WIBU drivers installed.

If the ‘old’ WIBU-Key Server is NOT also an EASYLABEL client, remove the WIBU-Key drivers:
From Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000 or XP choose Start | Settings | Control Panel. Double-click on “Add/Remove Programs”. From the list presented, click on WIBU-KEY Setup (WIBU-KEY Remove) to highlight it. Click the ‘Change/Remove’ button. You must have Administrator rights under Windows NT, 2000 or XP to do this.
Skip to Step 4.
If the ‘old’ WIBU-Key Server is an EASYLABEL client, then keep the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application from starting again on the ‘old’ WIBU-Key Server:
Remove the shortcut to the WIBU-Key Server from the ‘Start Up’ program folder (Windows/Start Menu/Programs/StartUp) if one is present.
Right click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Manage’
Click on the + next to ‘Services and Applications’ then click on ‘Services’.
Find ‘WIBU-Key Server’ in the list
Right click on WIBU-Key Server and select ‘properties’.
Change the Startup type to ‘Disabled” and click ‘apply’
Click ‘OK’
It is HIGHLY recommended that you close all programs and disable any anti-virus software that may be running before proceeding with the installation of the WIBU-Key Server Software.

Remove the Multi-User WIBU-Key from the parallel or USB port of the ‘old’ WIBU-Key Server.

Ensure the date is correctly set on the ‘new’ WIBU-Key Server.

Copy the latest version of the WIBU-Key drivers ( to the desktop on the ‘new’ WIBU-Key Server.

Execute the file you just copied to your desktop by double-clicking on it. Click ‘Next’ to begin the installation.

Select any additional languages (English is already selected) and click ‘Next’

Click ‘Next’ and then click ‘Next’ again to begin installing files.

Click ‘Next’ and then click ‘Finish’ to exit the installation program.

Plug the Multi-User WIBU-Key into a parallel or USB port on the selected computer. The WIBU-Key contains a code that defines the number of users allowed to run the EASYLABEL 5 Multi-User application.

Once the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application is installed it needs to be started whenever the PC is booted. A shortcut to the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application can be placed in the ‘Start Up’ program folder (Windows/Start Menu/Programs/StartUp) or you could simply start the server manually each time the PC is booted. If the license server is Windows NT4, 2000, or XP the Network Server’ application can be run as a service. This option can be enabled when the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ is installed. To start the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ as a service after it is installed simply start the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ by selecting Start –> Programs –> WIBU-KEY –> Network Server from the Start menu and then right click on the system tray icon and select “Start as service”. The WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application will then be restarted every time the computer is restarted.

NOTE: Be sure to check the WkLAN Server Search list for a WIBU-Key Server on each of the EASYLABEL 5 clients and change it to the new WIBU-Key Server. To do this select Settings –> Control Panel from the start menu. Double-click on the WIBU-Key Icon in Control Panel and then select the Network Tab. Under the WkLAN Server Search List at the bottom, try to browse to your server. If this fails to find your server, you may have to enter the server’s Machine Name or Static IP Address in the lower entry and then click ADD to add it to your WkLAN Server Search List.