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In most cases the WIBU-Key Server can be found automatically by broadcast over the local IP subnet. If the WIBU-Key Server resides on a different subnet (behind a router), it has to be specified in the WkLAN Server Searchlist.

Add the WIBU-Key Server to the WkLAN Server Search list. To do this select Settings –> Control Panel from the start menu. Double-click on the WIBU-Key Icon in Control Panel and then select the Network Tab. Under the WkLAN Server Search List at the bottom, try to browse to your server. If this fails to find your server, you will have to enter the server’s Machine Name or Static IP Address in the lower entry and then click ADD to add it to your WkLAN Server Search List. The Delete button removes the selected entry from the list and the Modify button modifies the selected entry.

Multiple WIBU-Key Servers can be added to the list if you have more than one WIBU-Key Server. The WIBU-Key driver will read the list from top to bottom and use the first available WIBU-Key Server. The sequence of server addresses can be changed with the Up and Down buttons.

NOTE: If you are running multiple WIBU-Key Servers on the same network you WILL need to add one of them to WkLAN Server Search List of each Client machine. If you do not each Client will take a license from BOTH WIBU-Key Servers.

If you need an automated way of specifying a WIBU-Key Server, it is also possible to do this by editing the registry.
Using Regedit:

Open the Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> type “regedit”)

Go to the following location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWIBU-SYSTEMSWIBU-KEYNetwork3.00WkLanAccess

Create a new String value and name it Server1

The String value should be equal to the server IP address OR Machine name, ex.: or TSXPSCOTT