Is my network of the proper type and configuration for EASYLABEL 5 Multi-User?

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EASYLABEL 5 Multi-User Survey

This document should be used to establish whether the end-user’s network is of the proper type and configuration to work well with the EASYLABEL Multi-User software. For more information about EASYLABEL Multi-User please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and the Installation instructions

EASYLABEL Multi-User can be used on either a LAN (Local Area Network) or a WAN (Wide Area Network)

Network latency can cause the clients request for a license to time-out, especially when EASYLABEL Multi-User is running on a WAN. For best results, a high speed connection should be used to prevent these problems.

If firewalls, routers, bridges or switches are used they must be configured to redirect UDP packets. If passage of UDP packets is not possible, then a separate license manager and license key must be used for each subnet. UDP Packets are how the license server communicates with the clients. These packets must be able to pass through or clients will not be able to obtain a license.

Simply pinging port the IP address is not enough to ensure that UDP packets can be passed on the port. A UDP test tool such as this one from should be used to verify that UDP packets can be sent and received by both the license server and the clients.

Clients use TCP/IP port number 22347 to access the license server via the network. This port must remain open. Ensure that no other applications are using this port and that the port is not blocked by a firewall (Including the firewall that is built-into Windows XP Service Pack 2)

The Clients and the License Manager can use Windows 2000, XP or Vista. Windows 98, ME, NT4 users must download EASYLABEL 5.6 from our website since later builds of EASYLABEL do NOT support these operating systems. Windows 95 is NOT supported. Terminal Server users should purchase our Terminal Server Version.

Microsoft TCP/IP is required for both the clients and the server. This does not rule out the installation of other protocols.

Either Static or DHCP IP addressing will work. If DHCP is used on the network, it is best if the machine designated as the license server is set to a static IP Address.

The UDP packets that are sent across the network will cause some additional network traffic. The license server will poll the clients every 300 seconds. These UDP Packets are about 300 bytes in size.