How do I install the WIBU-Key Network Server?

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You must designate a machine on the network to become the WIBU-Key Server. This machine can be the file server or a client on the network. If you choose to designate a client as the WIBU-Key Server, it should be a client that is always running or at least running when the EASYLABEL 5 Multi-User software will be in use. The operating system of the WIBU-Key Server machine must be Microsoft Windows 95b, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000 or XP.

NOTE: Do NOT install a USB Multi-User WIBU-Key until the AFTER the WIBU drivers are installed. Installing a USB WIBU-Key before the WIBU drivers are installed will cause the WIBU-Key to be added to Device Manager as an ‘unsupported device’ and the WIBU drivers will not be able to find the key.

The following steps will install the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application using the EASYLABEL 5 CD:

NOTE: The WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application is part of the WIBU-Key driver package. Therefore, the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ Software can also be installed by double-clicking on a download the latest version of the WIBU-Key drivers from the download page of our website

It is HIGHLY recommended that you close all programs and disable any anti-virus software that may be running before proceeding with the installation of the WIBU-Key drivers.

Ensure the date is correctly set on the machine acting as the WIBU-Key Server.

Insert the EASYLABEL 5 CD into the CD-ROM drive. The setup procedure should start automatically, if it does not:

Click Start | Run
Type: D:setup (where D: is the letter of your CD-ROM drive)
Click OK .

Choose a language, click the ‘Install” button and then select ‘Install EASYLABEL Multi-User’.

Install the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application by clicking on ‘Install the Wibu License Server’.

Plug the Multi-User WIBU key into a parallel or USB port on the selected computer. The WIBU-Key contains a code that defines the number of users allowed to run the EASYLABEL 5 Multi-User application.

Once the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application is installed it needs to be started whenever the PC is booted. A shortcut to the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application can be placed in the ‘Start Up’ program folder (Windows/Start Menu/Programs/StartUp) or you could simply start the server manually each time the PC is booted. If the WIBU-Key Server is Windows NT4, 2000, or XP the Network Server’ application can be run as a service. This option can be enabled when the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ is installed. To start the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ as a service after it is installed simply start the WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ by selecting Start –> Programs –> WIBU-KEY –> Network Server from the Start menu and then right click on the system tray icon and select “Start as service”. The WIBU-Key ‘Network Server’ application will then be restarted every time the computer is restarted.