How do I add licenses to my existing installation of EASYLABEL 5 Multi-User?

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To add licenses to an existing installation of EASYLABEL Multi User the contents of the WIBU-Key must be modified. This can be accomplished simply by exchanging files. Follow these steps:

Creating the Context File

The context (.RTC) file is used to create a unique update (.RTU) file that will add users to your installation of EASYLABEL Multi User. If you already have an update (.RTU) file, skip ahead to the next section.

Open the Windows Control Panel of the machine that has the WIBU key physically attached to it. Click Start | Settings | Control Panel then Double-click on the WIBU-KEY icon.

Click on the ‘WIBU-Box Context’ tab. If you do not see this tab then click on the icon in the title bar and select ‘Advanced Mode’. Note: make sure there is only ONE WIBU-Box listed in the Selected WIBU-BOXes list. De-select any others before proceeding with the next step.

Click the Browse button and then enter the name for the Context (RTC) file. Please use the key’s Serial Number for the name (The Serial Number is listed above in the Selected WIBU-BOXes list.)

Click Apply to create the file. If you were successful, you should now see a message box stating that the context information was written to a file. Click OK to close the message box. Then click OK again and then one more time.

Go to the directory where the Context file was saved. You can now E-mail this file to your Reseller or copy it to a diskette and mail it to them.

Updating EASYLABEL with the update (.RTU) file

The update (.RTU) file must be executed to update the WIBU-Key.

Copy the update (.RTU) file to the desktop of the machine that has the WIBU-Key physically attached to it.

Double click on the update (.RTU) file to execute it. You should then see a message box informing you of the update.

If you are updating a Multi User installation the new maximum number of user will not be available until the WIBU-Key Server process is restarted. Go to the WIBU-Key Server and stop the WIBU-Key Server Process. Then restart the WIBU-Key Server Process (The server itself does not need to be restarted)

Once the additional users have been verified, the update (.RTU) file can be deleted.