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Does DMX 600/800 Recognize New Memory Card ?

Customer wants to know how to verify that his added memory is being recognized by the printer (Hercules 600/DMX 600 or Hercules 800/DMX 800)

a. After installing the DRAM on the mainboard you must change the jumper settings.

b. The jumper setting should be changed to (if installing 4MB DRAM) positions E20 and E21.

c. Check to see if DRAM is recognized by doing a printer self test. The

amount of memory (DRAM) recognized by the printer will be listed on the self test.


a. There are two available slots for Flash memory above the label supply hub. The top slot is ‘A’ and the bottom slot is ‘B’.

b. The Flash module can be placed in either slot ‘A’ or ‘B’.

c. You can verify that the printer recognizes the Flash through the front panel.

d. With ‘Ready’ displayed in the LCD please do the following to verify the

Flash memory is recognized.

– Arrow down (Basic Function / Print Method)
– Arrow to the left (Basic Function / Advanced Setup
– Arrow down (Advanced Setup / Counters
– Arrow to the left (Advanced Setup / Modules)
– Arrow down (Modules 8 / Print Directory)
– Arrow to the right (Modules 8 / Print File)
– Arrow down (Print File On 8 / Module)

At this point you can arrow right see what modules are available. A = top slot above label supply hub B = bottom slot above label supply hub D = DRAM

If you see the letter, your memory is installed, it is recognized by the printer.