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A customer is trying to print a 4″ x 6″ label format with the following settings from Easylabel.
Label Offset = -10
Print Darkness = 12
Presentation Position = 105

When printing the label format the LCD on a Hercules 600/DMX
600 or a Hercules 800/DMX 800 displays a ‘Printhead Fault’
error message. The printer stops printing.

Bug in Datamax firmware version 2.06 and earlier. Jim Borkowski at ext. 1141 tells us it’s a timing issue.

The bug was fixed in firmware release version 2.15 for both printers. Jim at Datamax says a work around would be to change the ‘Print Darkness’ setting. No one value works all the time for every printer. Keep adjusting until it works.

Note: When the firmware is available please upgrade to the newest firmware.