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If you do not see an up LED lit, that means the applicator is not in the home position. This results in the applicator not being able to start the print and apply cycle. Make sure your air pressure is correct and the air is on to the applicator. Next if the air is on and the air pressure is correct you will have to adjust the up sensor positioning. On the PA1000 the up sensor is a brown barrel type sensor mounted at the top of the cylinder. To adjust just loosen the holder with a flat head screwdriver and move the sensor up or down until the LED is lit. The up sensor on the PA1200 is a rectangle shaped sensor mounted on a slide towards the top of the cylinder. A 3mm allen wrench is used to loosen the set screw in the sensor. Slide the sensor up until the up LED is lit.

If there is no print job in the printer you will not be able to start the cycle. Be sure you are communicating properly from the PC the to printer via serial, parallel or USB ect. You must also have the appropriate cable.