Released: 07/10/2008

The following printer families are supported :

Printer Manufacturer
Avery DennisonCAB/GeminiCitizen
Any Windows Printer Driver

Important Note:

As of Version 5.7.0 EASYLABEL will only install on Windows 2000 or higher. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT are no longer supported. EASYLABEL 5.6 should be used on Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT. Windows 95 is not supported.

Important Note:

If you used Visual Studio 2003 to compile a project using EASYLABEL’s ActiveX objects with version 1.1 of the .NET framework, you may experience a crash when you run your project after upgrading to EASYLABEL 5.7.0 This is because the project tries to load .NET framework version 1.1 and then tries to load .NET framework version 2. This loading of the second .NET framework fails and that causes the crash. To correct this, compile your project using Visual Studio 2005. If this is not possible you can correct the problem if you un-install version 1.1 of the .NET framework.

The following changes/additions have been made :

1. Tharo V-series label length
On the Tharo V-series printers the label length was limited to much less than what the printers could print. The label length can now be set to the maximum allowed.

2. SQL-Server database column width
An SQL-Server column of data type “VarChar” was limited to 255 characters. This limitation has been removed.

3. Unicode text paragraphs
A Unicode text paragraph containing a lot of text might cause a program crash. This has been corrected.

4. Command Files / ActiveX / XML with Windows Printers
When specifying a printer that is different than the printer model that the format was created for, you might get an error message or a return status of -2. This indicates that the printer that the format was designed for could not be found, even though you explicitly indicated which printer the format was to be printed on. This has been corrected.