Released: 01/24/2008

The following printer families are supported :

Printer Manufacturer
Avery DennisonCAB/GeminiCitizen
Any Windows Printer Driver

This version includes the following new printers :

Printer Model
Datamax M-4206 Mark IIDatamax M-4210 Mark II
Datamax M-4308 Mark II Godex EZ-2100+
Sato CX410Sato CT408i
Sato CT412iSato CT424i
Sato LM408eSato LM412e
 Sato MB200i Sato MB400i
 Sato MB410i Zebra ZM400 203 DPI
 Zebra ZM400 300 DPI Zebra ZM400 600 DPI
 Zebra ZM600 203 DPI Zebra ZM600 300 DPI
 TEC/Toshiba B-SX6T TEC/Toshiba B-SX8T
 TEC/Toshiba B-452-HS TEC/Toshiba B-852/B-852-R
TEC/Toshiba B-882TEC/Toshiba B-SA4TM 203 DPI
TEC/Toshiba B-SA4TP 203 DPITEC/Toshiba B-SA4TM 300 DPI
TEC/Toshiba B-SA4TP 300 DPITEC/Toshiba B-SV4D
TEC/Toshiba B-SV4T TSC TTP-2410M
TSC TTP-346M TSC TTP-246M Plus
TSC TTP-344M Plus

Important Note:

As of Version 5.7.0 EASYLABEL will only install on Windows 2000 or higher. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT are no longer supported. EASYLABEL 5.6 should be used on Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT. Windows 95 is not supported.

Important Note:

If you used Visual Studio 2003 to compile a project using EASYLABEL’s ActiveX objects with version 1.1 of the .NET framework, you may experience a crash when you run your project after upgrading to EASYLABEL 5.7.0 This is because the project tries to load .NET framework version 1.1 and then tries to load .NET framework version 2. This loading of the second .NET framework fails and that causes the crash. To correct this, compile your project using Visual Studio 2005. If this is not possible you can correct the problem if you un-install version 1.1 of the .NET framework.

The following changes/additions have been made :

1. Memory card download and field incrementation
Label formats downloaded to a printer memory card could use only numeric incrementation. If the printer supports other incrementation (alphanumeric or hexadecimal), then these can now be used when created formats for downloading.

2. Downloading formats and “Store Backup Format”
When downloading multiple formats to a Tharo “H Series” printer, the “Store Backup Format” prompt might not appear. Also, the selection for storing backup formats might not have been applied to all of the selected formats. This has been corrected.

3. Rectangular DataMatrix symbols
Added the ability to print a DataMatrix symbol as a rectangle in addition to the normal square symbol type. If the printer supports this internally, it will be sent as a printer command otherwise it will be sent as a graphic image.

4. Print Queue “Printer Test” Button
Added option for all printers to allow for a printer test to make sure that the interface is configured correctly and communicating with the printer. This prints a test label so make sure printer is online and loaded with media.

5. Command Files and ActiveX use default printer
If a label format has a default printer defined, then a command file or ActiveX object can use the default by simply not defining a specific printer to be used.

6. Datamax Printers and Downloaded Fonts
Fonts downloaded as bitmaps were previously limited to no more than 255 dots in height or width. This caused fonts to be magnified, making them look ragged. This was fixed to use the maximum size allowed for downloaded fonts for the I, W, H, A and E Class printers.

7. Zebra Date/Time fields and TrueType fonts
Zebra printers can now use TrueType fonts for date or time fields and use the internal printer clock. Previously, if the font was a TrueType font, then the date or time field did not use the printer’s internal clock command.

8. Default value for number of formats or batch size
The value entered for the number of formats printed or the batch size and number of batches is remembered between sessions and is used as the default.

9. Arithmetic fields using “DATE”
When using an Arithmetic field with the keyword “DATE”, the word “DATE” can be in any language supported by EASYLABEL.

10. Change in Security Settings
If the security option “Username/Password is required for saved changes” is enabled, then the username and password must match exactly to the username/password entered when signing into EASYLABEL.

11. Circular Arc Text field and paragraphs
A circular arc text field as a paragraph does not work, this option has been disabled.

12. Parallel Ports greater than LPT3
If the system supports multiple parallel ports, you can now select ports greater than LPT3.

13. Format Created for Another Printer Controller
When the message “Format created for another printer controller” is displayed, the printer model that the format was designed for is also displayed. The user can then install the correct printer for the format.

14. Barcode interpretations disappearing
When making changes to other fields on a label, sometimes the barcode interpretation of another field would disappear from the display. The label printed correctly. This has been corrected.

15. Default print image DPI
When using the “Create Print Image” option, the default DPI was 1 (too small to be useful). The DPI now defaults to 203.

16. TSC printers and TrueType fonts
In some cases, text fields using TrueType fonts would sometimes print in a different location after upgrading the software. This has been corrected.

17. “Enter” key not working sometimes
If you double-click on a field name from the “Field List” and changed the field properties, using the “Enter” key to place the field on the format did not always work correctly. This has been fixed.

18. Note on Multi-Source Barcodes
When choosing a multi-source barcode, a message is displayed that notes it is easier to use a “link” source of data to create the field. This message can be disabled so it won’t appear again.

19. Default Font is printer scalable font
If a printer supports an internal scalable font, then this font is the default font when creating a new text field.

20. “Undo” not working correctly
Fixed several problems with the “Undo” feature. It previously did not work correctly in all cases.

21. Sato printers and UPC-E0 barcode
Entering the wrong number of characters for a UPC-E0 symbol gave an incorrect error message saying the length must be 10 for UPC-E1. The “E1” was incorrect and has been fixed.

22. Date/Time field using another field as an offset
If the printer supports date/time offsets, then the value of the offset field is sent as part of the printer command. This is disabled if the label format is designed for download to printer memory card.

23. Multi-Source fields
Barcode check digits are now valid as a source of data to be linked into a multi-source field.

24. Symbol name changed from RSS to GS1 DataBar
All of the RSS symbol names have been changed to the new standard of GS1 Databar.

25. “cab” printers and barcode header/trailer
When downloading a format to a “cab” printer where a barcode had a header or trailer, the header or trailer was not included in the barcode. This has been corrected.

26. Zebra cutter option
Previously it was difficult to select cutter mode for Zebra printers because both the printer configuration and the label format configuration had to specify cutter option. This has been corrected so that this option is easier to enable.

27. Windows Vista and selecting network printers
Corrected a problem under Windows Vista where it was not possible to select a network printer. Networked printers were displayed in the browse dialog, but could not be selected.

28. Set printer darkness and printer speed
Added the option for many printers to enable or disable the setting of printer darkness and print speed. This allows for print darkness to be specified in the printer front panel to account for differences between printers.

29. Godex printers and Tharo H and V series printers
When printing formats that contained a date field using an offset and also using TrueType fonts downloaded as a bitmap font, not all of the correct characters were included in the font, resulting in missing characters in the printed date.

30. DatabaseView application
The DatabaseView application now requires that the user have database authorization (as defined in the EASYLABEL user configuration).

31. EAN/UCC Wizard in EASYLABEL Gold
The EAN/UCC Wizard is a feature of EASYLABEL Gold but the fields were lost after saving the format because of the Wizard’s use of multi-source fields which are not a feature of EASYLABEL Gold. This has been corrected, any fields created by the EAN/UCC Wizard will now remain when the format is saved in EASYLABEL Gold.

32. ActiveX Printer Object “Status” property
The “Status” property and the “RefreshStatus” method now work for the Tharo H-427, H-436, H-626, H-634 and all of the new Godex “Plus” printers. The status string has the format “ee,nnnnncl” where ee is a two digit status code, nnnnn is the number of labels remaining to be printed, and cl is acarriage return and line feed combination (0x0D,0x0A)

33. Network TCP/IP port number
The default port number is 9100 for networked TCP/IP printers.

34. Date field 1 and 3 digit year
In some cases, formatting a date to use 1 digit or 3 digit year would not print correctly. This has been corrected.

35. New option for Windows drivers
Added a new option for Windows printer drivers that allows for creating a true monochrome bitmap. Some Windows printer drivers do not correctly convert color bitmaps to monochrome. This results in incorrect label images. Choose this new option if you experience errors printing labels to Windows printers.

36. Sato UPC barcode errors
The Sato printer driver might print a bad UPC barcode if the “Optimize UPC” option was set to “No” and the barcode was set to print without interpretation. The resulting barcode was not scanable. This has been corrected.

37. Crash using certain Windows printers
Most Windows printer drivers work correctly with EASYLABEL. A small minority of drivers have a bug which can cause a crash in EASYLABEL. A change was made to get around the driver bugs.

38. Optimized printer incrementation
The printer drivers can now detect a multi-level link or copy of an incremented field. This allows the incrementation to be done in the printer.

39. “cab” printers using Arithmetic “DATE+nn”
On some “cab” printers, using an Arithmetic field with DATE+nn does not work correctly. The wrong date command was being sent to the printer. This has been fixed.

40. Tharo H and V series label format downloading
Made a change to allow date fields that have an offset value to be downloaded to the memory card. Previously, the date was sent without the offset.

41. Tharo H and V series USB printing
Corrected a problem where if the printer is connected using a USB port, in some cases after turning the printer off and then back on, then label formats would get “stuck” in the print queue even if they were cancelled.

42. Date fields and ISO week of year
If the “ISO week of year” option was enabled, using a date field that referenced the week would not print correctly or might cause a program crash. This has been fixed.

43. Zebra printers and left margin
On some Zebra printers, including a left margin in the label format settings would cause part of the label image to be cut off. This has been corrected.

44. Zebra center justified printers
On the Zebra center justified printers (like the 2844) using the label format “flip” option would cause the label image to be printed incorrectly. This has been fixed.

45. Zebra bidirectional parallel option
On some Zebra printers that allow for bidirectional parallel communications, this option was not available in the printer configuration screen. This has been fixed.

46. PDF417 symbols
On some printers, certain values of data could not be encoded in a PDF417 symbol. The printer would give an error. This has been corrected.