Released: 03/08/2007

The following printer families are supported :

Printer Manufacturer
Avery DennisonCAB/GeminiCitizen
Any Windows Printer Driver

This version includes the following new printers :

Printer Model
Sato S-8408Sato S-8412
Sato S-8424DEDRUMA  DP4/200

The following changes/additions have been made :

1. cab printers
Fix for A4+ and Mach series printers regarding the reflective sensor commands. Fix for duplicate printer field names when using unnamed text fields and one or more of them is a paragraph. The DataMatrix symbol now allows for the option of send it as a graphic image, or as printer command (optimized). Fixed a problem where some text fields might not display correctly when opening a format created for a different printer model, and that printer model is not one of the configured printers.

2. Datamatrix Barcodes
Corrected the encoding of <NUL> bytes. Function 1 (FNC1) is now encoded correctly. Removed the use of the undocumented “~” sequences as this caused problems when switching to optimized Datamatrix in the printer.

3. MicroPDF symbology
Removed option to show human-readable interpretation. Column and row counts can now be specified.

4. Date Fields
Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur for certain cases of date fields.

5. Printronix printers
Corrected bar width multipliers for RSS composite symbols. Fixed <FN1> control codes.

6. Zebra
Fix for not printing correctly if the number of batches is 1 and the batch size is greater than 1. Fixed a problem where the CODE 49 bar code data was not being properly compacted. Fix to allow selection of reflective label sensor for all printers. Fix to allow encoding an RFID HF (high frequency) tag using hexadecimal data. Fixed problem of bar code not reading from RFID if the human readable was turned off.

7. ActiveX
Added additional debug logging information. Added a new error return code for the ELabelBatch control. A value of -18 (InvokeError) will be returned if the control cannot communicate with the ActiveX server.

8. Windows Vista
Added support for Windows Vista. EASYLABEL will now install and run correctly on all versions of Windows Vista.

9. Gemini printers
Fixed crash when doing a test print from the “Printer Status and Functions” window in the print queue.

10. .NET Framework v2.0
Migrated all applications to .NET Framework v2.0 from .NET Framework v1.1.

11. Composite EAN13, EAN8, UPC-A, and UPC-E symbols
Implemented embedded human readable interpretation for these symbologies.

12. RSS Composite symbols
Removed the garbage characters “10f” that were added to the composite component for RSS-14 Composite and RSS-14 Stacked Composite. Allow for FNC1 to be put in the composite part of all of the composite symbols. Previously, FNC1 could only be used in a Code128 symbol. Fixed bug in composite symbols when the source of data was “when printed” and the “max field length” was greater than that allowed for the linear portion of the symbol.

13. Novexx / Avery Dennison
Fixed to allow use of hash characters (#) in data stream. Interpretation is no longer supported for Codablock since it is invalid.

14. <NUL>, <DEL>, and FN1 characters in barcode data
Added support for <NUL> and <DEL> control codes for all printers. Also fixed use of FN1 (function 1). NOTE: many printers still do not handle <NUL> or FN1 correctly. This is a firmware issue in the printers. If <NUL> or FN1 needs to be encoded, try turning off the bar code optimization to force it to be sent as a graphic image.

15. Intermec printers
<STX>, <ETX>, and <FN1> control codes are now handled correctly in barcode data.

16. Control Code list
The pop-up control code list now shows entries for <NUL> and <DEL> control codes. The <NUL> entry only shows up when the field type is a bar code.

17. Datamax printers
Fixed sending of “Cancel” command to the printers and also added a “Cancel” button to the print queue printer functions dialog.

18. Default format settings
When a new format is created, all of the settings for the new format are defaulted to the values of the last format saved. This makes it easy to create a group of formats that are designed for a particular printer model and have consistent settings (label size, print darkness, print speed, etc.)

19. QR-Code start mode
Added option to specify the starting data mode (numeric, alphanumeric, etc.) for QR-code symbols. This option is only supported on printers that allow the start mode to be chosen.

20. RFID Wizard
Fix to allow binary mode to work correctly for HF (high frequency) RFID tags. Previously, any data entered was always treated as text. Fixed bug where some fields could not be imported into a DoD tag.

21. Memory leaks
Fixed several memory leaks in the ActiveX controls and in the main user interface.

22. XML Monitor
Fixed a problem where the XML monitor would crash if the event log filled up. Increased the log size and set the log to wrap around if it fills up. Corrected a problem that could happen if the monitor processed a file, then deleted it while another file with the exact same name was being dropped in the monitored folder.

23. Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista x64
Added support for x64 Windows Operating Systems.

24. Printing to multiple printers
Corrected a problem with printer thread synchronization that could cause random lockups or program crashes. In some cases, jobs were in the queue as “Waiting”, but never printed.

25. Format Tracking Reports
Fixed a bug where a report file was not always created when using “save as” to save a format file.

26. Print Queue Temporary Files
Changed the location where the print queue will write temporary files. Previously, these files were written to the EASYLABEL installation folder. The temporary files are now written to the system assigned temporary folder. This folder is usually at “Documents and Settings<user>Local SettingsTemp” unless this has been changed by the system environment settings.