Released: 09/05/2006

The following printer families are supported :

Printer Manufacturer
Avery DennisonCAB/GeminiCitizen
Any Windows Printer Driver

This version includes the following new printers :

Printer Model
Systemwave KSW-502Systemwave KSW-503
Systemwave KSW-802Systemwave KSW-803
Systemwave UP500CSystemwave M-450
Systemwave KSW-1000Systemwave KSW-1500
Systemwave KSW-2000Systemwave KSW-3000
Systemwave KSW-4000Systemwave KSW-8300

The following changes/additions have been made :

1. Command File “Setup” Message
When displaying a setup message from a command file using the “displaymsg” command, the message was sometimes displayed behind other windows on the screen. This has been corrected.

2. Datamax RFID Fixes
Fixed problem where multiple tags were encoded/printed even if the quantity was set to 1. Also corrected problem reading data from a tag and printing the data on the label in hexadecimal format.

3. Zebra continuous/non-continuous media
Fixed a problem in the Zebra driver where the driver was not sending correct command to set the media type.

4. Custom Date/Time formatting
Fixed a problem where a format file created in EASYLABEL 4.3.0 and printed using EASYLABEL 5 did not print correctly if the format had a field that used custom date or time formatting.

5. Missing Configuration file caused random language
Fixed a problem where a missing configuration file (label.cfg) caused the program to display an error using a random language. If no configuration file is found, the program defaults to English to display the error message.

6. UCC/EAN Wizard
Fixed problem in the UCC/EAN Wizard where A.I. 402 required a specific check digit but the program did not provide for one to be added or calculated.

7. Zebra “Flip Format”
Fixed a problem in the Zebra driver where “flip format” did not always work if the label width was less than the print head width.

8. Sato RFID changes
Added option to allow user to select between old and new RFID commands. If your printer has newer firmware, you should select the “new” RFID commands. Also added ability to choose between ASCII and Hexadecimal when reading from an RFID tag.

9. cab “A” series printers
When downloading a format direct to a Compact Flash (CF) card in the computer, the driver now creates the correct directory structure as required by these printers.

10. “Erase” sometimes caused a crash
Using the “Erase” menu option to delete a file sometimes caused the program to crash. This happened if the path name to the file was very long. This has been corrected.

11. Tharo H-series
Corrected problem when printing formats to an H-series printer that were designed for a different printer.

12. Tabbed Dialogs
Fixed a problem in the printer configuration screen where not all items were shown when using tabbed dialogs. If tabbed dialogs was disabled then all printer configuration items were available.

13. Print Label Image
Fixed a problem where ActiveX and Command Files would not create an image of a format being printed even if the “Create Print Images” options was enabled. Also fixed a problem where disabled fields were shown in the image file.

14. User LogReader
Corrected problems in the LogReader application where it would not always use the correct font when creating a printed report. Also fixed problem where it would sometimes print off the bottom of the page.

15. PCX and PCC images
Corrected a problem introduced in Version where PCX and PCC graphics would not display/print correctly when “Image Processing” was set to “Traditional”