Released: 03/09/2006

The following printer families are supported :

Printer Manufacturer
Avery DennisonCAB/GeminiCitizen
TSCZebraAny Windows Printer Driver

The following changes/additions have been made:

1. RSS-14 symbols
Fixed a problem where RSS-14 symbols with interpretation would sometimes cause a program crash.

2. Older configuration files
Fixed a problem where older configuration files were not properly updated. This caused a problem with the cab E2 series of printers and might also cause a program crash.

3. Tharo H-series and V-series
Added printer driver optimizations to allow the printer to process Interleaved 2of5 using mod 10 check digit. This allows for the printer to increment/decrement this symbol. Also added option to allow printer to process Code 39 and Code 39 with mod 43 check digit. Printer can increment/decrement these as long as no start/stop characters are chosen for the bar code interpretation.

4. Apollo printers and long field names
Using field names longer than 10 characters cause the Apollo printer driver to create a new unique field name. The new name will be the first 7 characters of the field name plus a unique 3 digit number.

5. Windows Printers
Moving a format created for a Windows printer from one computer to another sometimes gave the message “created for another printer controller” even if the same printer model was installed on both computers. This has been corrected. Also fixed problem where filled rectangles were not always drawn correctly.

6. Custom Date and Time formatting
If a “%” character was entered in a custom date or time format, the field was not displayed correctly. This has been corrected.

7. Serial Port software flow control
Fixed a problem where Xon/Xoff protocol (software flow control) did not work in all cases.

8. Tharo H-series and V-series improvements
Downloaded fonts now download the “.” character for date fields for use in European date formats. Improved the reliability of downloading formats to the memory card. Fixed problems with Code 128 bar codes not always using the correct starting code set.

9. EAN Wizard
Clicking on the “Edit” button in the EAN Wizard screen with no items in the list caused a program crash. This has been corrected. Removed the header/trailer option from the wizard data source screen.

10. Copied field formatted as a Date
Fixed a problem where copying a field and setting the special formatting to be a date format did not work in all cases. This was mostly a problem when copying a when-printed field or a field that was a date with an offset.

11. Job List
Fixed a problem in the job list where printers that had no name were sometimes selected as an alternate printer for a print job. This caused labels to be sent to the wrong printer.

12. Zebra R4MPlus
Trying to encode an RFID tag did not always work correctly unless the format also included an RFID read command. This has been corrected.

13. Labelcom
Fixed a crash caused by long printer port names. This was mostly a problem with networked printers.

14. TSC printers and UPC-E0 symbols
Fixed a problem where an extra “0” was being added to the bar code data for UPC-E0 bar codes.

15. Datamax and QR-Code symbol
When the “Optimize QR-Code” selection was set to “Yes” in the printer configuration, a wrong command was sent to the printer resulting in extra data being encoded into the symbol. This has been corrected.