Released: 03/30/2005

The following printer families are supported :

Printer Manufacturer
Avery DennisonCAB/GeminiCitizen
TSCZebraAny Windows Printer Driver

The following changes/additions have been made:

1. RFID SSCC-96 Encoding
There was an error in the encoding of RFID tags when using SSCC-96. An incorrect number of bits was assigned to the serial reference for company prefixes with lengths of 7 and 10 digits. This has been corrected.

2. RFID SGTIN-96 Encoding
There was an error in size of the Serial Number field of the SGTIN-96 encoding. If a large serial number was used, it was flagged as an error and no encoding was done. This has been corrected to allow for the full range of serial number values.

3. Importing old DOS format files
Corrected an error when importing very old DOS format files. In some cases, the fonts were not converted correctly and this resulted in strange font attributes being applied to the converted TrueType fonts.

4. H-Series database download
Corrected a problem when downloading a format to the printer memory if the format contained a database field that used a TrueType font. The field was being sent as a graphic image instead of the font being downloaded to the printer.

5. H and V Series Single Buffer Mode
Made a change to the H Series and V Series driver that will prevent the possibility of scrambled graphics when firmware version 2.511a or higher is installed in these printers.