Released: 07/16/2004

The following printer families are supported :

Printer Manufacturer
Avery DennisonCAB/GeminiCitizen
TSCZebraAny Windows Printer Driver

This version includes the following new printers :

Printer Model
 cab M4/200 cab M4/300 Datamax I-4210
 Datamax M-4208 Datamax M-4306 Datamax A-4212
 Datamax A-4310 Datamax A-4408 Datamax A-4606
 Datamax A-6212 Datamax A-6310 TSC TDP-245
 TSC TTP-245 Zebra R402 Zebra R140
 Zebra R4Mplus Zebra R2844-Z Zebra TLP 3844-Z

 The following changes/additions have been made:

1. Database fields
Corrected several issues with database fields. When adding a new database field, it now defaults to the last database used, not the first one found on the format. When changing the connection string of a database field, it now defaults the connection settings from the existing connection string instead of having to reselect them. Fixed a problem when using newline characters in database cross reference fields.

2. New paragraph force fit option
When designing paragraph or Multi-source (block) text fields, you can enable a new force fit option for the field. This will allow the font size to shrink or grow so that the text completely fills the available field area. This option is only available on some printer families.

3. USB printer support
Some printers now support for USB ports. Currently, this is supported on the following printers: cab A3, TSC TTP-246M, Zebra 96XiIII plus, Zebra TLP 2844-Z, and Zebra TLP 3844Z.

4. RFID support
Added support for several RFID “smart label” printers. Many different tag types are supported, although this varies by printer. An EPC wizard allows for easy creation of several EPC identify types. For block oriented tags, an RFID wizard allows for programming mutiple data blocks using various data sources. Information can also be read from the tag and printed on the label. RFID is supported on the following printers: Zebra R4Mplus, Zebra R402, Zebra R140, Zebra R2844-Z, and the Printronix T5000e.

5. Command Files
Corrected a problem where command file names that contained spaces would not work properly when used from a command prompt window.

6. Print Queue printer status display
The status window will now display an error message if the printer does not respond to multiple status queries.

7. Printer Configuration
If the print queue currently has jobs waiting, then no changes can be made to the printer configuration. It is possible to view the printer configuration, but any changes are ignored and no new printers can be added.

8. Variable Cross Reference
It is now possible to define a fields as having a variable cross reference. The actual table name of the database is then defined at run time by the operator. This is useful when designing labels that may contain text in different languages, but the actual languages are not known until the label is printed.

9. Database fields
Changed the database engine to make it more compatible with different database providers. Specifically, the quoting characters are now queried from the driver and used for all table and column names.

10. Tharo H and V series printers
Changed the printer driver so that an error message is displayed if the printer directory cannot be read. The message allows for a retry or cancel operation.

11. DatabaseView
Corrected a problem where a large number of columns or a column with a large amount of data might cause a program crash. Also corrected a problem when pasting data into a database record.

12. Tabbed dialog boxes
Corrected a problem where the computer would sometimes “beep” when certain keys where pressed.

13. File delete log
Fixed problem where a format that has an associated report file would not be logged correctly to the file delete log. The format and its report are both logged as separate file deletions.

14. TSC reversed arc text
Reversed (white on black text) arc text now works correctly for TrueType fonts on the TSC printers.

15. TSC driver fixes
Fixed problem where multi-up labels were sent to the printer one at a time. Fixed problem where direct-thermal only printers had option of thermal transfer printing. Corrected the serial baud rate list for some printers. Added OCR-A font to some printers.

16. TRUECOUNT variable
Added the ability for a label format to default the value for batch size or to use the value entered in batch size count on a label. To default the batch size, add a when-printed field to the format named “TRUECOUNT”. The value entered by the user for the field contents will also become the default number of batches to be printed in the print request screen. To retrieve the batch size in a format, simply copy or link to a value named “@TRUECOUNT”. The value of @TRUECOUNT is the taken from the number of batches entered by the user on the print request screen.

17. Novexx and Avery Dennison optional clock
The Novexx and Avery Dennison driver now supports an optional printer clock. If this option is enabled, then date and time fields that can be formatted by the printer will be sent as printer commands to use the printer internal clock.

18. Passwords
Passwords are no longer displayed on the screen in the user property page or printed in any of the user log files. This is for FDA CFR 21 part 11 compliance.

19. Apollo format download
When downloading a format to a PCMCIA drive (or to a folder on a hard drive) the Unicode byte order mark did not appear at the beginning of the format as required. This has been corrected.

20. Sato M84 Pro3 print speeds
The print speeds for this printer were listed incorrectly. The corrected speeds are 2, 4, 6, and 8 inches per second.

21. HP LaserJet and Synergystex CF1000 PDF-417
Corrected a problem when printing PDF-417 symbols. In some cases thin white lines were drawn between rows of the symbol. Also corrected a positioning problem if the symbol was rotated.