Released: 08/23/2011

The following printer families are supported :

Printer Manufacturer
Avery DennisonCAB/GeminiCitizen
Any Windows Printer Driver

This version includes the following new printers :

Printer Model
cab EOS1/203cab EOS1/300
cab EOS4/203cab EOS4/300
TEC/Toshiba B-EX4T1 203 DPITEC/Toshiba B-EX4T1 305 DPI

Important Note:

As of Version 5.7.0 EASYLABEL will only install on Windows 2000 or higher. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT are no longer supported. EASYLABEL 5.6 should be used on Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT. Windows 95 is not supported.

Important Note:

If you used Visual Studio 2003 to compile a project using EASYLABEL’s ActiveX objects with version 1.1 of the .NET framework, you may experience a crash when you run your project after upgrading to EASYLABEL 5.7.0 This is because the project tries to load .NET framework version 1.1 and then tries to load .NET framework version 2. This loading of the second .NET framework fails and that causes the crash. To correct this, compile your project using Visual Studio 2005. If this is not possible you can correct the problem if you un-install version 1.1 of the .NET framework.

The following changes/additions have been made :

1. Windows 7 Display Problems
On some computers running Windows 7, the EASYLABEL application display was corrupted; the menu could be missing or text in some of the windows was scrambled. This has been corrected.

2. Print Preview
Added an option in the EASYLABEL configuration to enable or disable the display of phantom (hidden) fields in the print preview window.

3. Zebra Datamatrix and Function 1 characters
Corrected a problem on some Zebra printers so that function 1 characters were properly encoded in a Datamatrix symbol.

4. Crash when choosing font style
Fixed a program crash when choosing styles (italic, underline, etc.) for some fonts.

5. Zebra Print Darkness settings
When converting label formats from older Zebra printers to a newer model, the print darkness settings were not adjusted correctly. This has been fixed.

6. Unicode and the @ symbol
Using the @ symbol a the beginning of an external text file forces EASYLABEL to retain the line formatting of the file. If the field was marked as “Unicode Data = Yes” the formatting of the text was incorrect. This has been fixed.

7. Support for all QR-Code modes
Added an option when creating a QR-code symbol that allows choosing the mode of the symbol. The symbol can be defined as automatic, numeric, alphanumeric, byte, or Kanji mode.

8. Field Contrast
When creating a text field that has field contrast set to “reverse” (for white letters on black background), and the text using character formatting styles, the reverse box was larger than the text. This has been corrected.

9. Tharo Printers and Job separator
When using the job separator option, sometimes not all of the requested blank labels were printed. This has been fixed.

10. Tharo printers and “bypass flash” option
When using the bypass flash option, sometimes graphic images might be shifted from their original position. This has been fixed. Also added an optimization where blank areas of any images were not sent to the printer, improving throughput.

11. Datamax TrueType font problem
Fixed a problem on Datamax printers where some text fields that used large TrueType font sizes were not printed correctly. The print preview was incorrect and the printed output showed only part of the text field. This has been fixed.