Released: 04/01/2005

The following printer families are supported:

Avery Dennison

















Any Windows Printer Driver

Version includes the following new printers:

NOTE: this list includes some printers that are capable of  encoding RFID tags. EASYLABEL 4 does NOT support encoding of RFID tags. You can still print non-RFID labels using those printers.

Godex EZ-1100

Godex EZ-2100

Godex EZ-1300

Godex EZ-2300



cab M4/200

cab M4/300

cab A3-2/200

cab A3-2/300

Datamax I-4210

Datamax M-4208

Datamax M-4306

Datamax A-4212

Datamax A-4310

Datamax A-4408

Datamax A-4606

Datamax A-6212

Datamax A-6310

Printronix SL5204

Printronix SL5304

Sato M5900RVe

Citizen CLP-521

Citizen CLP-621

Citizen CLP-7201e

Zebra 170XiIII Plus 203 DPI

Zebra 220XiIII Plus 300 DPI

Zebra R110Xi 203 DPI

Zebra R110Xi 300 DPI

Zebra R110XiIII Plus 203 DPI

Zebra R110PAX3-203-R

Zebra R170Xi 203 DPI

Zebra R170Xi 300 DPI

Zebra R402

Zebra R140

Zebra R4Mplus

Zebra R2844-Z

Zebra TLP 3844-Z

The following changes/additions have been made:

1. Synergystex CF-1000
Corrected a problem where the chosen label size was sometimes rejected as invalid even if it was correct.

2. Tharo H and V series printers
Changed the printer driver so that an error message is displayed if the printer directory cannot be read. The message allows for a retry or cancel operation.

3. TSC reversed arc text
Reversed (white on black text) arc text now works correctly for TrueType fonts on the TSC printers.

4. TSC driver fixes
Fixed problem where multi-up labels were sent to the printer one at a time. Fixed problem where direct-thermal only printers had option of thermal transfer printing. Corrected the serial baud rate list for some printers. Added OCR-A font to some printers. Fixed label width problem when using a left margin.

5. Novexx and Avery Dennison optional clock
The Novexx and Avery Dennison driver now supports an optional printer clock. If this option is enabled, then date and time fields that can be formatted by the printer will be sent as printer commands to use the printer internal clock.

6. Apollo format download
When downloading a format to a PCMCIA drive (or to a folder on a hard drive) the Unicode byte order mark did not appear at the beginning of the format as required. This has been corrected.

7. Sato M84 Pro3 print speeds
The print speeds for this printer were listed incorrectly. The corrected speeds are 2, 4, 6, and 8 inches per second.

8. HP LaserJet and Synergystex CF1000
Corrected a problem when printing PDF-417 symbols. In some cases thin white lines were drawn between rows of the symbol. Also corrected a positioning problem if the symbol was rotated.

9. Datamax M-4208 and M-4306
Corrected a problem with the Datamax driver where an invalid command was being sent to these printers.

10. Intermec True-Type text
When a format designed for a non-Intermec printer was printed on an Intermec printer, text fields using True-Type fonts sometimes did not print. This has been corrected.

11. Windows printer drivers
Sometimes when converting formats from one windows printer driver to another, some label format properties were changed and text changed size. This has been corrected. Also corrected problem where text sometimes had the foreground and background colors set the same, making the text invisible.

12. TCP/IP printer speed improvements
Changed the packet size sent to TCP/IP connected printers. A smaller number of packets are sent and this improves the speed of communication.

13. Graphic image aspect ratio
Corrected problem with printer drivers where graphic images where not centered correctly in the available field area when the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” option was selected.

14. TSC True-Type font download
The TSC printer driver now allows for downloaded True-Type font files. This will improve the processing speed of labels that use True-Type text fields that are incremented or read from databases.

15. Intermec Code 128 correction
Corrected a problem where some data was not properly encoded into a Code 128 symbol.

16. Tharo H series printer enhancements
Newer firmware for the Tharo H series printers allows for downloading a database to the internal memory and using the database to print label formats using an attached keyboard. Also added new date formats to allow for zero-suppressed month and day fields. Expiration dates can also be printed by using an arithmetic statement of the form “DATE+n” where the “n” is the number of days from the current date.

17. Bi-Directional IP Printing
The Apollo, Datamax, and Zebra drivers support bi-directional IP printing for certain printer models. This requires the use of a compatible printer network card or device server.

18. HP TrueType font bug
There was a bug in the HP printer driver where some TrueType fonts (Arial Black for instance) had the top of the text cut off. This has been corrected.

19. Picture field aspect ratio
Corrected problems with the TSC, Intermec, Printronix and Novexx drivers where picture fields set to maintain the aspect ratio would not print correctly in all orientations.

20. Asian TrueType fonts
When processing certain characters in Asian (double-byte) fonts, sometimes characters were not displayed or printed correctly. The characters sometimes overlapped or were not spaced correctly. This has been fixed.

21. Tharo H and V series
Added support for downloaded Asian fonts, job separator option, form feed, pause and unpause, and optimize QR-code option. The PDF-417 symbology is now done by the printer instead of being sent as a graphic image. Added ability to download a serial file to the printer for standalone printing. Added “slash zero” and “ISO week of year” options. Added applicator mode to the print mode selection. More date formats are supported when downloading to memory card. Added ability to use custom date formats.

22. Intermec cutter option
Fixed a bug in the Intermec driver where an incorrect message was shown for the cutter option in the printer configuration dialog.

23. Datamax “Standard” printers
The Datamax “Standard” driver now supports the setting of the printer clock from the print queue printer status screen.

24. Novexx Texxtile / Avery Dennison TTK
Corrected a problem with the cutter on the Novexx Texxtile and Avery Dennison TTK printers. Previously, the driver sent each label separately, which slowed down printing. Now only one job is sent to the printer using the correct cutting commands.

25. Datamax RLE2 compression
The new Datamax RLE2 graphic compression is now supported on the I, W, and A class printers. This is also supported on the M-4208 and M-4306. This is a configurable option in the printer settings. The new compression algorithm allows for faster downloading and less memory usage in the printer.

26. Windows printers and multiple copies
For some Windows printer drivers, the “copy count” was not set correctly and this resulted in an incorrect number of formats being printed.

27. Datamax Presentation Position
The Datamax printer driver had a bug where the presentation position was sent to the printer incorrectly for the I, W, and A class printers. This resulted in the label being fed out to the wrong position. This has been fixed and the label will be fed out to the distance selected.

28. Novexx / Avery Dennison print mode
Changed “cutter mode” to “print mode” in the format specifications screen. This was necessary as print mode is used for other operations, such as when using an applicator.

29. Tharo H and V series memory card display
Corrected several problems with the display and functions in the memory card window. The text of the printer directory was not fully displayed in the list. Also fixed bugs where the “delete” and “upload” buttons might not work correctly.

30. Code 128 check digit
Corrected a bug in the calculation of a check digit for a Code 128 symbol that included function codes.

31. Tharo H and V series PDF-417 option
Added an option (“Optimize PDF-417”) to specify whether a PDF-417 symbol is sent to the printer as a graphic image or as a printer command.

32. Printronix printers
Added new sensor modes “Advanced Gap” and “Advanced Notch” to allow better control of the label sensor settings.

33. Tharo H and V series and small labels
Made a change that should help when printing very small labels (.5 inch or smaller). There was a problem with the calculation of the label height sent to the printer.

34. Printronix text fields using TrueType fonts
In some cases, text fields using TrueType fonts had part of the last character chopped off. This has been corrected.

35. Tharo H and V series enhancements
Added new symbology “China Post Code”. Fixed the “Excess Fonts” message when using many TrueType fonts on a label. Added option for printer passthrough and force fit. More reliable download to memory card.

36. Datamax driver changes
The driver for Datamax printers (both Standard and 2+) now send the pass through string (if one is specified) before any other commands are sent to the printer.

37. Date and Time formatting
The date and time formatting lists now show an “*” next to a format if that format is directly supported by the printer.
This can be useful when designing a label to know that the chosen format will be done in the printer.

38. Novexx TrueType fonts
Fixed a bug in the processing of TrueType text fields that could sometimes cause a program crash. This was most likely to happen if the label was multi-up (2 or more across).

39. TSC and TrueType fonts
Fixed a bug in the TSC driver for printers that don’t support downloading of TrueType fonts. Corrected a problem where the flash memory was not properly initialized. Also fixed problem when unused fonts were not deleted from printer memory, resulting in memory overflow errors.

40. Avery Dennison ALX92x series printers
Corrected the names of the ALX92x series printers. The old names were ALX924-4, ALX924-5, and ALX924-6. The correct names are ALX924, ALX925, and ALX926.

41. Godex database download
Corrected a problem when downloading a format to the printer memory if the format contained a database field that used a TrueType font. The field was being sent as a graphic image instead of the font being downloaded to the printer.

42. H and V Series Single Buffer Mode
Made a change to the H Series and V Series driver that will prevent the possibility of scrambled graphics when firmware version 2.511a or higher is installed in these printers.