Released:  12/13/2002

Version includes the following new printers:

  1.  Avery Dennison DPM 4
  2. Avery Dessison DPM 5
  3. Avery Dennison DPM 6

 Updates and changes in Version

 1. Printer Configuration

If all thermal printers were deleted from the printer configuration and only Windows printers remained, you were unable to add a new thermal printer. This has been corrected.

 2. Missing Sato M-5900RV printer

 The Sato M-5900RV printer was omitted from previous version 4.0 builds. This printer is now included in version

 3. Unsupported “Circle” object

 Some printers do not support the printing of circles/ellipses. The software allowed the placement of circle objects on a label even if the printer does not support them. This has been corrected. The “Insert Circle” menu item and the toolbar circle icon are disabled.

4. Toolbar “Choose” and “Move” icons

 The toolbar icons for “Choose field” and “Move field” were disabled in many cases where they should have been enabled. This has been corrected.

 5. Toolbar icons / User rights

 Corrected a problem with the toolbar icons “Program Options”, “Printer Configuration”, and “Users”. These icons were enabled even if the user did not have access to the Manager functions. These icons are now disabled unless the current user has Manager rights.

 6. Printing from Database with no index

 Printing from a database with no index causes the program to create a temporary index for the database. If for some reason an index cannot be created (such as the search field being to large for an index key), the program would crash. This has been corrected. An error message is now displayed and the program continues without using a database index.

 7. Printronix format conversion

 Converting existing formats to work with the Printronix printers sometimes caused a program crash. This has been corrected.

 8. Tracking Report options

 Corrected a problem where the options for a format tracking report were not saved. Any changes made were not reloaded and were changed to the default. This has been fixed to load the changed settings.

 9. Text font “Set Maximum Height”

 The “Set Maximum Height” button in the text font parameters used a fixed maximum of 4 inches. This has been corrected to use the maximum allowed by the printer driver. Some printer drivers support maximum font height up to 13 inches.