Released: 12/01/2001

The following NEW printers are supported:
Zebra 105se-300
Zebra 105SL

The following items were CORRECTED:

a. Apollo multiple download

This new feature allows for downloading multiple formats to an Apollo memory card. Instead of downloading each format one at a time, multiple formats can be selected and will be downloaded as a group.

b. Larger configuration file

Expanded the limit on configuration file size. Previously there was a limit of about 80 printers that could be configured. This limit has been removed.

c. Datamax multi-up labels and TrueType fonts

Corrected a problem when printing multi-up labels that used TrueType fonts.

d. Datamax bar width multipliers

The drivers for Datamax printers now allow specifying a bar width multiplier up to 24. The previous limit was 20.

e. Database Indirect and 2D symbols

The 2D symbols (DataMatrix, PDF-417, etc. ) now allow for “Database Indirect” as a data source. This allows external files referenced through a database record to be used as the data for these symbols.

f. Apollo Error Messages

Added additional error messages to the Apollo drivers, mostly relating to new applicator error conditions.

g. Text and Barcode header/trailer

Corrected a problem where header or trailer data was added to a field if the field was blank. Now, if a field contains no data, then no header or trailer is added to the field.

h. Field size prompts

Added a new prompt to allow setting the length of a line. Added a new prompts to allow setting the width and height of boxes, circles, and pictures. This allows for precise control over the dimensions of these field types.

i. Converting formats to a different printer

Previously, converting a format from one printer to another (from a Datamax to a Sato, for example) resulted in some improper values for some of the label parameters. Most label parameters are now checked to make sure they are valid for the new printer type.

j. Sato multi-up labels

Corrected a problem where printing graphic images on multi-up labels resulted in extra images printing in the unused portion of the label (if the last row was incomplete).

k. Sato Reverse Image

Added the ability to print reversed label images (white on black).

l. TrueType text fields

Corrected a problem where a text field using a TrueType font was always being sent as a single graphic image, even if the printer supported TrueType fonts. This would happen if the format was created for a printer that did not support TrueType, but then was converted for a printer that did support TrueType fonts.

m. Database field Maximum and Typical length.

Added a new feature in the field properties for a database field that allows for the specification of a maximum length and a typical length for the field. The maximum length specifies the upper limit of the number of characters that will be extracted from a database. The typical length is used during label design to display the width of the field based on the typical length of data contained in the database. The typical length does not affect the field width during printing. During printing, only characters up to the maximum specified will be printed on the label. Either of these values may be left at 0, meaning that no length is specified and the field will use all available data from the database.

n. Zebra PDF-417 and extended characters

Corrected a problem in the Zebra driver where extended characters (above ASCII code 127) were not encoded properly and did not appear in the symbol,

o. Novexx printers missing baud rates

Some Novexx printers allowed baud rates of 57,600 and 115,200 but these were not valid selections. This has been corrected.

p. Zebra 90XiII-6 /96XiIII print speeds

Incorrect print speeds were being selected for this printer. The correct speeds of 1 to 4 IPS (inches per second) are now implemented.

q. Zebra Date Offsets

The Zebra printer driver now allows for date offsets to be done at the printer. Using an arithmetic field with a calculation of “DATE + n” where n = a number of days. This allows for expiration dates to be calculated by the printer.

r. Apollo multi-up printing and cutting

Corrected a problem in the Apollo driver where multi-up printing and incrementing across and cutting after each label did not increment or cut correctly.

s. Synergystex CF1000 laser printer

Corrected a problem where the printer was not being reset properly at program termination.

t. Intermec Graphics and Databases

Corrected a problem in the Intermec driver where printing graphics from a database printed a black box in cases where the database field was empty. Now, no graphic image is printed if the field is empty.

u. Incrementing and batch sizes > 9999 labels

In some printers, there is a limit of 9999 labels per batch. If there is an incrementing field on a format, then for these printers, you will not be able to print batches with counts greater that 9999 labels. In this case, you must break up the job into multiple jobs to get around this limit. The “Print Job Request” screen will display an error if this limit is exceeded.

v. Network version German language crash

Running the network version with the current language set to German caused a problem with the display of error messages. Instead of an error message being displayed, the program would crash. This has been corrected.

w. Default label size for new formats

When creating a new label format, the label size (width and height) will default to the size of the last label to be saved. Previously the width and height defaulted to zero, which was invalid.

x. Zebra print darkness setting

Corrected a problem where darkness settings less than 10 did not work properly.

y. Apollo and TrueType symbol fonts

Corrected a problem with Apollo printers and certain symbol fonts (Webdings, Wingdings, etc). These types of fonts did not display or print correctly.

z. Large language files

Corrected a problem where large language files did not load properly, resulting in an “Unable to load language module” message being displayed.

aa. Zebra printer becoming disconnected

After the first print job, if the printer was disconnected, no error was generated. This has been corrected so that a “COMx Offline” message is displayed in the print queue, and an ActiveX event is triggered.

bb. Incrementing “when printed” barcodes from an Apollo memory card.

Corrected a problem in the Apollo driver where incrementing a “when printed” bar code field from an Apollo memory card did not increment. Not all barcode symbologies are supported with this function. Most symbologies without additional checkdigits are supported, except as noted below.

List of the supported symbologies/checkdigits:

CODE 39 – Mode 43


CODABAR/NW7 – Mod 16

CODE 128 ALL/NUMERIC – All except MOD 43, UPC MOD 10, and EAN MOD 10

List of unsupported symbologies: