Released: 09/10/2001

NOTES: The following NEW printers are supported:



The following NEW printers are supported:
Avery Dennison 64-04Novexx CHESS 4
Avery Dennison 64-06Novexx CHESS 5
Avery Dennison ALX924-4Novexx CHESS 6
Avery Dennison ALX924-6Novexx CHESS 8
Avery Dennison TTK 295Novexx DPM 4
Avery Dennison TTX350 295Novexx DPM 5
Avery Dennison 64-05Novexx DPM 6
Avery Dennison 64-08Novexx Texxtile 200
Avery Dennison ALX924-5Novexx Texxtile 295
Avery Dennison TTK 200Novexx Ocelot 200
Avery Dennison TTX350 200Novexx Ocelot 295
Avery Dennison TTX 300Novexx Cobra

 The following items were CORRECTED:

a. Sato and WTI switchbox

In some cases, the WTI switchbox did not work correctly with Sato printers. If the jobs were sent to multiple printers at the same time, some of the printers would not print, or would wait a long time before printing. This has been corrected.

b. ODBC data sources with many table names

There was a problem where and ODBC data source that had many table names; not all of the table names appeared in the selection list. This has been corrected.

c. Print Queue “busy” status message

Previously, if a printer’s interface went “busy”, the print queue status sometimes showed as a “comm error”. This has been changed to show the correct message “busy”.

d. ActiveX Controls resource leak

There was a resource leak in the ActiveX control “ELabelOCX”. This has been corrected.

e. ActiveX control “ELabelBatch”

The “UpdatePreview” method did not check the property “IgnoreFieldError”. If a nonexistent field was referenced, the preview was not updated. This has been corrected.