Released: 07/24/2001

The following NEW printers are supported:

Zebra 110 PAX 3  (203dpi) Right and Left

Zebra 110 PAX 3  (300dpi) Right and Left

cab A3

The following items were ADDED:

1. Added the ability to use a printer name and description. In the printer configuration screen, these can be added/changed. The name will show up in the queue’s printer list and can be referenced by command files and the ActiveX interface.

2. Added “printername” as a new keyword for command files. Instead of specifying printer by number (“useprinter=1″) you can now use the printer name (printername=”Apollo_production”).

3. Added support for bidirectional parallel communications for the following printers: Tharo/cab A3, Datamax I & W class (using the 2+ driver), Sato CT and E series printers, and the following Zebra printers A300, T300, Z4000/Z4M, Z6000/Z6M, Stripe DA402, Stripe T402, and the 110 PAX3 printers.

4. Added ability to link in function codes FN1 through FN4 into the UCC/EAN-128 symbology.

5. Added a set of ActiveX controls that can be easily embedded into Visual Basic applications (or any other environment that supports ActiveX controls such as VC++, Access, etc.) See the documentation file ELabelOCX.doc that is installed in the EASYLABEL folder.

The following items were CORRECTED:

6. Fixed a problem with an incorrect printer command being sent to the memory card for “when printed” fields. This only affected formats that were downloaded to the memory card.

7. Corrected a problem where the LABELCOM program was not able to correctly interface to the network version of EASYLABEL.

8. Fixed problem that caused a program crash when using some of the new date formats.

9. Fixed a problem that changed lowercase letter selections to uppercase in the “special formatting” prompt.

10. If a Datamax printer was paused before a job was sent, the job would leave the print queue. This has been corrected.

11. Fixed problem where a user with only “print” rights was allowed to change or delete serial files. Now the user must have “Update format” rights to be allowed to manage serial files.

The following items were CHANGED:

12. When opening a printer connected via TCP/IP, EASYLABEL will attempt three connections before reporting an error.

13. Expanded the amount allowed in increment/decrement to 5 digits. Previously, the limit was four digits (9999). The new upper limit is 65535.