Released: 05/22/2001

NOTES: The following NEW printers are supported:

Zebra Z6M (203dpi) & Zebra Z6M (300dpi)

The following items were CORRECTED:

1. Corrected the baud rate list for Sato ‘E’ and ‘CT’ series printers so that baud rates up to 57,600 can be selected.

2. Corrected a problem on Zebra printers where some formats created in older versions would print a reverse image barcode.

3. Corrected problem where single digit year fields did not print correctly on the Apollo printers.

4. For some barcode symbologies, copying a text field for an Apollo printer from a barcode field did not copy the check digit character.

5. Corrected problem that resulted in the loss of some double byte characters when copying a text field from these symbols.

6. Fixed problem where the special formatting list was missing some valid options.

7. Corrected several problems related to the closing of a network socket used to print to an IP connected printer.

8. If a “when printed” field used a TrueType font, the edit box was sometimes not wide enough for all characters to be visible. The edit box has been expanded to accommodate larger fonts.

The following items were CHANGED:

9. Changed the Fargo driver to never send an <STX>N command to the printer. This command was only valid in some cases with very old printer firmware.