Released: 08/17/00

NOTES: The following printer families are supported:


Avery Dennison

Synergystex CF1000













Windows Drivers



 New Printers Added:

Citizen CLP-1001, CLP-2001, CLP-6001, CLP-6002, CLP-6401, CLP-7001, CLP-7002, CLP-7401

C.Itoh C4, C4TT, S4, S4 Plus, S4/400, T4, T4/300

TEC CB-416 (4 Color Process Thermal Transfer)

Datamax ST-3210 and ST-3306

The following items were ADDED:

1. Added an option in the Apollo printer driver to pause jobs before printing.

2. Added an option in the Apollo driver to prevent downloaded formats from being reprinted by pressing the “PSE” key on the printer.

3. Added an option in the Apollo driver to store formats directly to a PCMCIA drive on a PC. The card can then be put in a printer and the formats accessed from there.

4. Added an option in the Apollo driver to allow formats to be marked as intended for download to a printer. This restricts some program options to features available at the printer level.

5. Added support for Citizen printer models (Datamax Emulators): CLP-1001, CLP-2001, CLP-6001, CLP-6002, CLP-6401, CLP-7001, CLP-7002, CLP-7401.

6. Added support for C.Itoh printer models: C4, C4TT, S4, S4 plus, S4/400, T4, and T4/300.

7. Added support for the TEC 416 color printer.

8. Added support for the Datamax DMX ST-3210 and ST-3306 ticket printers.

9. Added full support for all paper sizes when using a Windows printer driver. Paper widths up to 32″ wide can be used.

10. Added a program option to allow command file processing to continue if a database error occurs. If this option is set, database fields on a label are filled with 0’s if a record cannot be found in the database. This prevents production lines from being stopped by a message being displayed on the screen until user clicks “OK”.

11. Added support for IP printing (via Windows Sockets functions) to any printer or print server that supports RAW IP/port# print mode.

12. Added support for dealer personalization of the software using the DLRINFO.INI file. More information can be obtained from the Reseller portion of our website.

13. Added support for multi-port serial cards (DigiBoard and Rocketport for example). When setting up a serial printer, simply key in the name of the port. For example; COM15 is now a valid port number.

14. Added full support for the TRUEDATE and TRUETIME field names. Date and time fields using these names will always show the current date/time at the time the label is printed.

15. Added bearer bar option to the interleaved 2 of 5 symbologies in the HP driver.

16. Added automatic field name generation for Text, Barcode, and Picture fields.

17. The names generated are “TEXT”, “BAR”, and “PICT” followed by a sequential number starting at 1. All new fields added to a format will get the default name (which can be changed or removed at user option).

18. Added option to rotate a label 90 degrees clockwise. If the rotated label cannot fit (because of printer width limitations), it is rotated 180.

19. Added full support for color label display and printing (this is printer dependent). Program now allows custom color selection for window background, label background, etc. Pictures, text, and shapes display and print in full color (if supported by the printer).

20. Added support for over 40 graphics file types, including JPG, EMF, DXF, etc.

21. Added checks for Windows Terminal Server. Must use the 4307BH sentinel.

22. Added a “Details” button on the memory card window which will cause the window to display the file names as they are stored on the PC’s hard drive for label formats, serial files, pictures, wallpaper for fills, databases and TrueType fonts.

23. Added a “Prompted Fields” option for when printed fields that can be set up to repeat prompts for every label when the printer prompts for the label quantity.

The following items were CHANGED:

1. Changed Zebra driver handling of picture errors when printing via ActiveX. If the picture file is invalid (file was found but is not a valid picture) no label is printed and the print queue will indicate a “Picture Error”.

2. Changed name of Datamax I4210 to I4212 and changed maximum print speed to 12 IPS.

3. Changed handling of ODBC connections. Only the DSN (data source name) of the connections are stored in the label format. User ID’s and passwords are cached during the current session only. This prevents multiple log-in dialogs when the same data source is used multiple times on one label. It is recommended that DSN’s set up in the ODBC administrator fully reference a particular database. That is, don’t use generic DSN’s such as “Microsoft Access 97 Database”.

4. The zoom level of a format is now saved between sessions.

5. The zoom level can now be selected directly using the new “Zoom Level” menu, which allows selection of 100% to 1500% magnification.

6. The printer model name now shows in the print queue printer selection list and in the “Print Request” dialog box. This makes it easier to find a particular printer.

7. Changed Datamax driver to set the preset bit in <STX>V command only if using preset mode (not tear-off mode).

8. Enhanced Apollo driver to set printer in single buffer mode if a date field is sent to the printer. This feature was removed from the Readme.txt file. The firmware in the printer doesn’t currently support this feature to its full potential. Without single buffer mode, the printer images approximately 4 labels. With single buffer mode, about 3 labels are imaged.

9. Changed the “print request” dialog box so that the “Printer Number” field shows all available Windows printers when printing a format designed for the Windows driver.

10. Change to zoom function. You can now click the magnifying glass in the tool box to enter zoom mode. Once in zoom mode, the left mouse button will zoom in and the right mouse button will zoom out. To exit zoom mode and enter edit mode, click the pointer (arrow) button in the tool box.

11. Change to PDF-417 to allow for smaller row heights. It will now accept .01″ or .2mm in row height.

12. Change made to Zebra driver with respect to ~SD (Set Darkness) command. This must be sent outside of ^XA / ^XZ commands.

13. Formats saved to the Apollo memory card that contain math fields will now have all calculations done in the printer. The available operators include + – * / % and ( ).

14. Setting an Apollo format to “Create Replace File” no longer defaults to “download to memory card”. This was done to allow users to print the format.

15. The Apollo driver no longer sends the “Single Buffer” command. This caused protocol errors with older Apollo firmware.

16. Changed menu handling so that clicking the “back” button from the print menu will take you back to the edit screen, if the print screen was originally accessed from the edit screen. Now works more like a web browser back button.

17. Enhanced Sato driver usage of date/time fields by using features available in later versions of printer firmware. Fields using Julian dates and seconds can now be done in the printer.


1. Fixed typographical error in the name for the Zebra Z6000-3 printer.

2. Fixed print speed list for the Zebra Z6000 printer.

3. Jobs resident in a printer’s buffer are no longer cancelled when the program is closed. They will continue to print as they did in the 16-bit version of the program.

4. Fixed conversion of label formats when converting from any Zebra printer to a Zebra Stripe 400. Certain fonts were not converted correctly.

5. Corrected speed setting for Zebra Stripe 400 printer and also corrected problem where invalid ^PR commands were being sent to some Zebra printers.

6. Corrected problem where formatted dates did not appear correctly in the reports.

7. Corrected problem with long file names not being accessed correctly when reading WMF files.

8. Fixed the ODBC interface to properly use quoted identifiers (table names, etc.) as required by the particular driver being used.

9. Fixed the “singlejob” command file keyword. Using “singlejob=on” in a command file causes all subsequent jobs to processed one at a time.

10. Fields that are copied or cut from a format and pasted onto a different format will retain their field names. Previously, field names were being blanked out as fields were pasted into a label format.

11. Fixed a problem where using ActiveX to print to a disk file sometimes used the wrong printer model.

12. Fixed problem with LABELCOM where a “should not occur” error message was displayed when trying to use label formats with very long path names.

13. Fixed problem in Datamax driver where text using intercharacter spacing option appeared differently on the screen and the printer.

14. Fixed bug where system with a print-only sentinel could edit a format by starting the program from a command line and specifying a format name.

15. Corrected problems with printing 16-million color (“true color”) bitmaps.

16. Fixed bug where large WMF files would cause “picture error”.

17. Corrected bug in Apollo driver where date fields linked into a Code 128 SSCC barcode would print incorrectly.

18. Fixed bug in Apollo driver where $all database lookup for a Code 128 barcode with a Function 1 character would lock up the printer.

19. Corrected problem with PDF417 not incrementing when sent to an 8400 series printer. Barcode is being sent as graphic.

20. Fixed the problem where a label format’s preview bitmap (thumbnail) was sometimes not updated correctly.

21. Corrected a problem where the “Test Print” button would sometimes disappear from the label edit screen.

22. Corrected problem under Windows NT where if you had the list of field names displayed and resized the main program window, you were not able to resize it again. It would stay in the smaller size.

23. Corrected a problem where attempting to “Print to File” using a UNC printer would not work and produce an “Unable to Open” error in the print queue.

24. Corrected a problem in the TEC driver where “Print to File” would sometimes print to the wrong printer model.

25. Corrected a problem where printing a format in version3.1.0.63 or later that were created in versions earlier than would sometimes set Enable Printing to NO for boxes, lines, circles, shapes and pictures.

26. Fixed problem where lines, boxes, circles, and pictures were sometimes disabled if the format was created in versions or earlier and then opened with a newer version of EASYLABEL.

27. Fixed problem in Apollo with copying/linking of text fields with header or trailer characters.

28. Fixed problem when trying to connect to a Progress database via ODBC. The table names were being read incorrectly with single or double quotation marks. You would possibly get error messages such as “Unable to understand after – ‘DECLARE'”. (247) or “Invalid statement.” (254).

29. Corrected problem where formats designed for a Windows driver would sometimes cause EASYLABEL to crash if the proper Windows driver could not be found. The solution was to ignore the DEVMODE saved in the format if it did not match the current Windows driver.

30. Bitmaps are now properly scaled for the Apollo driver.

The following items were REMOVED:

1. Removed the Western Telematic (WTI) switchbox support from Intermec printers.