Released: 03/09/00

NOTES: The following printer families are supported:


Avery Dennison

Synergystex CF1000













Windows Drivers

New Printers Added:

TEC B-452
Zebra Z-6000-3 (300dpi)
Zebra XiIII Series
Zebra DA402
Zebra T402

The following items were ADDED:

1. Added the ability to browse the network for a printer name when network (UNC) printing is selected in the printer configuration.

2. For Intermec printers, added the selection of UPC Mod 10 check digit to Interleaved 2 of 5.

3. Allow for RS-485 connection for Apollo using an external RS-232 to RS-485 converter. Also allow for Apollo RS-485 hosting (A8).

4. Added text centering and right justification options to the Novexx printers.

5. Added the ability to add headers and trailers to text fields.

6. Added code to set “unit of measure” for Datamax printers.

7. Added option to the Zebra printers to override label offset (even if set to zero).

8. A new return code of -17 was added. This code is returned when an external file is requested by an Active-X session and that file cannot be found. This does not apply to external files named in a database, which are handled separately.


1. Corrected problem with Gemini printers where TrueType fonts would print differently in the 16-bit and 32-bit versions.

2. Corrected problem with the WTI switch and the wrong printer sometimes being cancelled.

3. Corrected display problem for large TrueType fonts when using the Fargo or Zebra printer drivers.

4. Corrected problem where an invalid darkness setting was sometimes sent to a Datamax printer.

5. The Sato printer driver now correctly processes the “re-send downloaded data” option.

6. Corrected a problem where jobs printed to a network printer would sometimes get stuck in the Windows print queue.

7. Corrected port selection (serial, parallel or network) when a language other than English was selected.

8. The Fargo driver now correctly processes the “re-send downloaded data” option.

9. Allow selection of PDF-417 symbology for all Sato printers that support it.

10. Corrected a problem when a field was pasted into a format. It would sometimes display a message indicating that the field was created for a different printer.

11. Correction to Apollo and Datamax drivers to allow for 4 digit year in the “set clock” function from the printer status window.

12. Corrected a problem with the Novexx driver where TrueType fonts were sometimes distorted.

13. Fixes to Code 128 to allow copying the check digit (using the @field function) and to display the check digit on the screen.

14. Fix to Apollo driver to not cut off the bottom of multi-line TrueType fields when they are printed with field contrast set to reverse.

15. Correction to Interleaved 2 of 5 where the interpretation was wrong if an even number of digits were entered for the data and a check digit was being added.

16. Correction to Datamax I and W class printers to properly set label present option when print mode was set to “tear-off mode”.

17. Change made in Zebra driver to lower the delay after sending a cancel command to the printer.

18. Change made to Apollo and Zebra drivers to respond faster to a printer query. If printer was turned off or cable was not plugged in, printer query would not return for 5 seconds. This has been reduced to between .25 and 1 second.

19. Corrected handling of TrueType fonts in Zebra. Characters will look less “blocky” when large characters are printed.

20. Corrected problem with Gemini driver where print jobs would leave the print queue even if the printer was not finished printing.

21. Corrected problem with the Allegro printer using centering on a text field that was not “left-to-right” orientation.

22. Increased the heartbeat poll to three consecutive requests for the network version before returning an unable to find license server message.

23. Change made to Sato driver to check to see how many characters are present in a Code 128 barcode. If the number is odd and incrementing, each label will be sent to the printer individually. Sato firmware is not capable of incrementing/decrementing across a code shift change.