Released: 05/25/99

NOTES: The following printer families are supported:


Avery Dennison

Synergystex CF1000













Windows Drivers

The following items were ADDED:

1. Added font preview on the Text Field Parameters screen, positioned below the typeface list box. This preview is shown when the Typeface prompt has been chosen and only displays TrueType Fonts.

2. Added picture preview on the Select Picture File screen. A box displays a thumbnail preview of the currently highlighted picture file before choosing to open it. This appears only when you choose to Browse for a picture file.

3. Added a label preview on the Select Format screen. A box displays a thumbnail preview of the currently highlighted format before opening it.

4. Added the ability to use the mouse pointer to stretch and resize a field on the Edit Format screen. Horizontal, vertical and both height and width stretching will be available for all field types except bar codes. Bar codes will allow only for vertically stretching. When bar codes are vertically stretched, their bar width multipliers will be automatically changed to accommodate the increased height. NOT available for Text Fields!

5. Added Cut, Copy and Paste functions. Fields selected then “Cut” or “Copied” will be stored on the Windows Clipboard to allow for pasting.

6. Added the “Help” option to the menu bar, which allows you to view an online help system. Also contains “About”, which gives information about the software version, release date, etc.

7. Added the option to choose “extended cross hairs”. Located within the Tools menu, this toggle allows you to choose between the original cross hairs that are on the ruler alone or an extended version which actually extend left to right and top to bottom on the format. This extended version gives you the ability to place fields more precisely.

8. Added a “Most Recently Used List” located under the “File” menu. A drop down menu of the ten most recently used or edited formats, databases, reports or serial files is provided. This allows for quicker access to the files that are used most often.

9. Added a “Snap to Grid” option under the “View” menu. This toggle will place a grid or series of proportionally placed dots on the format allowing you to move around the format by a defined fixed amount. Values of .01″ to 1″ are available. With this option turned on, the mouse will move to intersection points of the grid in the amount specified by the user allowing for more precise placement of fields.

10. Added support for UNC which allows access to network printers by calling the printer by its assigned network name instead of its specific path. (Fully functional with next release)

11. Added a tool bar with buttons for all types of “New Fields” that can be moved anywhere on the EASYLABEL screen.

12. Added alignment options for chosen groups of fields. Located under Tools|Align. When a group of fields has been chosen, the following alignment options are available: Left, Center, Right, Space Horizontally, Align Up, Center Vertically, Align Down and Space Vertically.

13. Added the ability to show all properties that are common to a selected group of fields. Located under Edit|View Field Specification. Short cut: Choose a group of fields and the right mouse click. This allows for a quicker and easier way to change the same attributes within multiple fields. Only those properties that are common to all selected fields will be displayed.

14. Added a “Pass Through” option located on the Format Specification screen. This option will send the entered data to the printer before the format is sent. Data contained within “<>” is treated as an unprintable character and sent (passed through) to the printer. Special characters (ASCII 32 and below) can be entered in “<>” as the appropriate acronym, but are sent to the printer as the ASCII value. For example, enter <ETX> and “03” is sent to the printer.

15. Added the ability to “Re-send Downloaded Data” at Settings|Program Options. When toggled to “YES”, a “clear” command is sent to the printer at the beginning of each job and all downloaded data (graphics, fonts, etc) are resent to the printer. This helps prevent labels from being printed with the wrong graphics or labels.

16. Added the ability to enter a field comment within the “Field Parameters” screen. This comment is only for reference but is available for print through tracking reports.

17. ActiveX Control

Added the following ActiveX Controls:

Printer Monitoring Mode – functions during label printing and is checked only before downloading. (Printer Poll Rate)
Printer Status – obtained via return string(s) of printer status in raw format.
Printer Status Poll Rate – sets poll rate, this overrides any setting from within EASYLABEL.
Print – initiates the printing of a label format along with any variable information.
Poll Print Queue – polls for job and job status in the print queue.
Deleting – provides the ability to delete print jobs.

18. Added support for long filenames under Windows 95, 98 and NT.

19. Added more levels of zoom for more precise positioning of fields.

20. Added a toggle to disable the test print function at the print screen. This toggle is located under Settings | Program Options and only disables Test Print at the print screen. It is still available while editing the format.

The following items were CHANGED:

1. Changed the “Text Field Configuration” box, if the user chooses a font height or width that is too big for the format, it will automatically be adjusted to fit on the format. Previously, the user had to manually input the sizes until one was accepted. This is now done automatically.

2. Changed the Sentinel Drivers installation process. EASYLABEL now automatically installs the proper sentinel drivers based on the operating system being used.

3. Changed the menu display for users who have limited access to certain functions within EASYLABEL. Previously, if a user did not have access to a certain function, that choice was not displayed. These inaccessible functions are now displayed but are gray on the screen if the user does not have access to them.

4. Changed the location of Color Settings from the EASYLABEL Configuration Screen to Settings|Color Preferences.

5. Changed how phantom fields are displayed. When “Enable Printing” within a field configuration screen is set to “NO”, these phantom fields are now displayed on the format in a user defined color.

6. Changed the way a text field with multiple lines can be formatted. The field direction “6-Circular Arc” now works with multiple lines just like it always has with a single line of text.

7. Changed default directory paths for picture, text, and serial files. These directories will now default to the last one used just like it already does for formats and databases.

8. We now allow for all 42 digits of the queried code from Zebra printers to be returned. Previously we only allowed for 9 of the 42 digits to be returned.

9. Changed the number of zoom level available. We now allow for multiple levels of zoom.

The following features were CORRECTED:

1. Corrected the “Database Print Request” screen, the “where” prompt now allows you to select from the list of choices.

2. Now allows for multiple computers over a network to run EASYLABEL with only one sentinel key. (Next release)

3. Color images that were created with more than 16 colors can now be printed correctly through EASYLABEL. Previously, if a graphic was created with more than 16 colors, EASYLABEL rounded those colors to the nearest primary color. Now, the color palate is saved with the image so that EASYLABEL can send all of the colors to the printer.