easy.exe: 07/24/02
Released: 07/24/02


This is version 2.7 of the EASYLABEL for Windows software. This is a 16-bit program that can run under Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98/ME. This is likely the last release of the 16-bit versions of EASYLABEL, and it contains no bug fixes but only additional printer drivers.
The following new printers have been added:

cab E2/200

Avery Dennison TTK 295

Novexx Ocelot 200

cab E2/300

Avery Dennison TTX350 200

Novexx Ocelot 295

cab Hermes 2N-300

Avery Dennison TTX350 295

Novexx Cobra

cab Hermes 4N-300

Avery Dennison TTX 300

Sato CT400

cab Hermes 4F-300

Datamax I4406

Sato CT410

cab Hermes 4F-200

Datamax I4604

Sato 8485Se R (Right Hand)

cab Hermes 5N-300

Diagraph PA/4000

Sato 8485Se L (Left Hand)

cab Hermes 5F-300

Diagraph ALP/4500 – 203

Sato 8490Se R (Right Hand)

cab Hermes 5F-200

Diagraph ALP/4500 – 300

Sato 8490Se L (Left Hand)

Tharo/cab A2 Gemini

Intermec 3400e/200

Sato 8460Se R (Right Hand)

Tharo/cab A3/203

Intermec 3400e/400

Sato 8460Se L (Left Hand)

Tharo/cab A3/300

Novexx CHESS 4

Sato 8459e

Avery Dennison 64-04

Novexx CHESS 5

Sato 8400RVe

Avery Dennison 64-05

Novexx CHESS 6

Sato CL408e

Avery Dennison 64-06

Novexx CHESS 8

Sato CL412e

Avery Dennison 64-08

Novexx DPM 4

Sato CL608e

Avery Dennison ALX924-4

Novexx DPM 5

Sato CL612e

Avery Dennison ALX924-5

Novexx DPM 6

Sato CL612e

Avery Dennison ALX924-6

Novexx Texxtile 200

Sato M-5900RV

Avery Dennison TTK 200

Novexx Texxtile 295

Synergystex CF1000 Plus

Zebra 110PAX3-203-L (Left Hand)

Zebra 110PAX3-203-R (Right Hand)

Zebra 110PAX3-300-L (Left Hand)

Zebra 110PAX3-300-R (Right Hand)

Zebra 110PAX3-600-L (Left Hand)

Zebra 110PAX3-600-R (Right Hand)

Zebra 105SL

Zebra 105SL-3