easy.exe: 10/23/00
Released: 10/24/00


The following printers were added:

Datamax I4206 (Standard and 2+)

Citizen CLP-1001

Sato M8485Se

Datamax I4212 (Standard and 2+)

Citizen CLP-2001

Sato CT400TT

Datamax I4308 (Standard and 2+)

Citizen CLP-6001

Sato CT410TT

Datamax W6208 (Standard and 2+)

Citizen CLP-6002

Datamax W6308 (Standard and 2+)

Citizen CLP-6401

TEC B-452

Datamax W8306 (Standard and 2+)

Citizen CLP-7001

Datamax E4203

Citizen CLP-7002

Datamax ST3210

Citizen CLP-7401

Datamax ST3306

Zebra 90XiIII

C.Itoh C4

Zebra 96XiIII

C.Itoh C4TT

Zebra 140XiIII

C.Itoh S4

Zebra 220XiII

C.Itoh S4 Plus

Zebra Stripe DA402

C.Itoh S4 400

Zebra Stripe T402

C.Itoh T4

Zebra Z6000-3

C.Itoh T4 300

The following items were ADDED:

1. MaxiCode for the Sato 8400/8

2. Postnet for all Sato printers.

3. Added a message when downloading to the Apollo memory card that indicates a success/failed download.

4. Added more precision when selecting the cell size for DataMatrix on an Apollo printer.

5. Added support for function codes with Code 128 on all Apollo printers.

6. Added support for barcode headers and trailers for formats that are downloaded to an Apollo memory card.

7. Added support for Julian dates as a printer command on Apollo.

8. Added support for increment/decrement for “when-printed” fields for formats that are downloaded to an Apollo memory card.

9. Added selection for UPC Mod 10 check digit to the Interleaved 2 of 5 symbology for Intermec printers.

10. Added center and right justification for Novexx printers.

11. Added the ability to add headers and trailers to text fields.

12. Added option for Zebra printers to force a label offset of 0 to be sent to the printer.

13. Added option to print bearer bars for the Interleaved 2 of 5 symbology on HP printers.

14. Added the option in Apollo driver to allow pausing each job before printing. This is a safety precaution when using an applicator.

The following items were CHANGED:

1. Set the label height limit of the Apollo 3/300 to 420mm.

2. Changed the minimum label height on Apollo printers to allow labels as small as 1mm.

3. Changed the maximum print height for HP printers to 19.86″.

4. Changed the maximum character height for scalable fonts on Apollo printers to 4.12″.

5. Changed the way when-printed fields are downloaded to the Apollo memory card so that fields can be blank.

6. Changed phantom text fields and barcode fields that are downloaded to the Apollo memory card so that they are sent as invisible fields.

7. Change made to the TEC driver to allow for TrueType font widths as small as .01″ (.3mm).

8. Change made to allow source of data to be external file for DataMatrix and QR Code symbologies.

9. Change made to the Fargo driver to correctly center text fields for all text orientations.

10. Change made to the Apollo and Datamax drivers to allow for entry of years past 1999 when setting the printer date via the printer status window.

11. Change made to Apollo and Zebra drivers to reduce the delay when querying a printer for its status.

12. Change made to Zebra driver to reduce the delay after a job is cancelled.

13. Change made to the Fargo and Datamax drivers to always force the printer to use inches as the coordinate system.

14. Change made to the Zebra driver to allow larger TrueType fonts to be downloaded to the printer. This reduces the “stair-step” effect when large characters are printed.

15. Change made to the Sato driver to check to see how many characters are present in a Code 128 symbol. If the number is odd and the field is incrementing/decrementing, each label is sent to the printer individually. Sato firmware is not capable of incrementing/decrementing across a code shift change in Code 128.

16. Enhanced Sato driver usage of date/time fields by using features available in later versions of the printer firmware. Fields using Julian dates and seconds can now be done in the printer.

17. Change made to allow for smaller row heights for the PDF-417 symbology. It will now accept ,01″ or .2mm row height.

The following items were CORRECTED:

1. Fixed a problem with Zebra printers where fields changed position on the label after flipping the format.

2. Fixed a problem with being unable to select all of the print speeds for a Sato CL412 printer. Valid print speeds are 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 IPS.

3. Corrected the FIM symbology for Apollo printers. It was causing a protocol error on the printer.

4. Corrected the 115,200 baud rate on the A8 printer.

5. Corrected the Additional Options choice for Windows printers. Previously, any settings made in the printer configuration were not being saved.

6. Corrected the problem with linking more than 5 fields with the Apollo printers.

7. Corrected a problem with the Apollo, Novexx and TEC drivers where printing a file sometimes used the wrong printer model.

8. Corrected various problems where Intermec printers would sometimes not print correctly.

9. Corrected the ordering of when-printed fields that are downloaded to an Apollo memory card.

10. Corrected a problem with Apollo printers were right or center justification did not function properly with linked or copied fields.

11. Corrected a problem using UCC-128/EAN-128 with Apollo where it was always in Codeset C (numeric only).

12. Corrected a problem where a test print (from design mode) would change “?” (question marks) to a “0” (zero) in some barcode symbologies when the barcode was linked or copied from another field.

13. Corrected an alignment problem when using when-printed fields with TrueType fonts.

14. Corrected a problem with the TEC, Intermec and Novexx drivers where TrueType text would shrink for when-printed text fields.

15. Corrected a problem of an empty list box appearing in the Variable Data print dialog screen for a numeric search key.

16. Corrected a problem with the ODBC connection to Excel. Excel places a “$” at the end of each sheet name. EASYLABEL was unable to recognize this “$”, this has now been corrected. This fix also applies to other ODBC drivers that may use non-alphanumeric characters in table names.

17. Corrected a problem printing to some Intermec printers using a parallel port connection.

18. Corrected problem that caused an incorrect barcode to be created using the “Code 39” or “Code 39 Mod 43” symbologies on a TEC printer.

19. Fixed a problem of disappearing “@” from paragraph fields read from an external file.

20. Fix for Fargo and Zebra drivers where a TrueType font with width of zero (which means use default width) would sometimes cause very large character width to be calculated.

21. Fixed a problem in the Fargo and Datamax drivers where the darkness setting plus the head heat adjustment was outside the allowable range.

22. Fixed a problem in the Japanese version where Julian dates were incorrect past the year 1999.

23. Corrected a problem where formats designed for a Windows driver would sometimes cause EASYLABEL to crash if the proper Windows driver could not be found.

24. Corrected a problem in the TEC and Intermec printer drivers where control codes (character values less than 32) were not sent properly for some barcode symbologies.

25. Corrected problem in the Sato driver for PDF-417 with bar widths of 1 being sent to the printer as 3. The new driver now allows a true 1 bar width. A similar problem was also present for the bar height. Older formats are automatically adjusted to the correct value.

26. Corrected problem of PDF-417 bar height being set incorrectly when converting formats to use the Fargo or Datamax printer driver.

27. Corrected problem with serial files using 20 digits. Previously, using all 20 digits resulted in some garbage characters at the end of the field.

28. Fix made to allow for correct copying of a check digit from a Code 128 symbol.

29. Fix to Apollo to prevent cutting off descenders of TrueType text fields when reverse contrast option is selected.

30. Corrected the interpretation of an Interleaved 2 of 5 symbol with even number of characters and a check digit.

31. Fix for ODBC databases that had NULL column data (data was replicated from the previous row).

32. Fix made in the Zebra driver for proper placement of the ~SD (set darkness) command in the label format.

The following items were REMOVED:

1. The use of the Western Telematic switch is NO LONGER supported for the Intermec printer line.