easy.exe: 3/17/99
Released: 3/22/99


1. Added the “Replace File”. When selected and the format is downloaded to a memory card using an Apollo printer, a file with extension .rpl is created. This file is created in the same directory as the format and contains “stub” field replace commands for each named field on the format. You can edit this .rpl file in any text editor. An example follows:

;This is the replace file sample.
R FIELDONE;New data here
R FIELDTWO;New data here
R FIELDTHREE;New data here

Only fields that have been given names will appear in the replace file. This file can be used by SAP, UNIX, AS/400 or other computer or software systems to cause the Apollo printer to merge the replacement data with the downloaded format on the memory card. This option is found under the Format Specifications menu.

2. Added the ability to disable the Test Print option on the Print Menu only. It is still available from the Edit Menu. This option is found under the Manager Functions and Program Options menu.

3. Added a Double Cut option to the Apollo printers. This allows you to define positions for two cuts per label.

4. Corrected the prompt field order on formats that are downloaded to a memory card with Apollo printers. The fields are now presented in the order that is specified in the format defined by the Prompt Number in the field definition.

5. Corrected a problem that was introduced in 2.4 where negative values for the label offset when using Zebra printers were not allowed.
6. Corrected a problem where 300dpi Zebra printers were sometimes identified as 203dpi printers.
7. Corrected a problem when using an HP printer and selecting 99 – Other for paper size. Once you exited the format specs and viewed it again, it would changed 99 – Other to 8.5″ x 11″.
8. Added more speeds for Sato CL printers and corrected a speed that was printing wrong.
9. Corrected the problem where the Intermec 3400c would not print.
10. Fixed problem with having more than 5 linked fields for Apollo.
11. EAN check digit change for Apollo.