easy.exe: 1/12/99
Released: 1/13/99

New Printers: Novexx Lion, Puma, Tiger, Tiger XXL, Xxtreme, TEC B-472, B-572, B-672, B-872, Avery Dennison TTX 450, 650, 950, 1050, TDI, Datamax XL, Zebra Stripe S400, Stripe S600, Sato 8460 (Left-Handed), 8490 (Left-Handed), Intermec 3400c


1. Added additional memory to the Datamax 2+ driver font cache, only additional memory is available. This additional memory allows for label lengths of up to 99 inches and font sizes up to 999 points (about 13.8″).

2. Added support for the Euro character in the Datamax (2+) and Fargo (Standard) drivers internal fonts 0-6 and 9. This is firmware dependent. If the Euro character does not print, contact Datamax for a newer version of firmware that will support it.
NOTE: The EURO character is not supported under Windows 3.x. Windows 95/NT 4 support it with a patch downloadable from Microsoft’s website. Windows 98 and 2000 do support it.

3. Added support for print darkness to be set in the format specifications for Zebra printers. This is enabled by a new option in the printer configuration menu called “set printer darkness”.

4. Corrected the problem of printing junk characters in the “Media Type” field of a format definition report.

5. Corrected a problem while printing format definition reports where if the default font was not used, the printer would change back to the default font after the first page.

6. Corrected the font list for the Zebra A-300 and T-300 printers.

7. Corrected a problem with the Apollo driver when downloading formats to the memory card. In some cases, references to graphic images were not saved correctly in the downloaded format. This resulted in blank space where the graphic should have printed.

8. A change was made in the design module to allow for mouse selection of large fields that extend past the label boundaries.

9. A change was made in the Zebra printer driver. It now allows DataMatrix and QR Code to be sent to the printer as an actual printer bar code and not a graphic. A choice in the printer setup screen enables this optimization. (Firmware dependent: If this option does not function, set optimize to “No” or contact Zebra for a newer version of firmware).

10. A change was made to the Allegro 2 driver to allow for proper print speed selection of 1 to 3 ips.

11. A change was made to the printer model selection list box to allow for more than 99 printers.

12. Changes were made to the method of updating serial files and serial numbers within database records. The change was made in order to avoid duplication when serial files or numbers are accessed by multiple PC’s in a networked environment. The serial number may not print the same number as appears on the format. This is because EASYLABEL queues the serial file once when the format is opened and again when a batch print is requested. This allows the serial file to print the next available number in the serial file.