easy.exe: 10/23/98
Released: 10/26/98

New Printers: Sato CX200, Printronix ThermaLine T3204, T3306, T3308, Intermec 3240, 3400a, 3400b, 3440, 3600, 4100, 4400, 4420, 4440


1. Added 3 ips and 5 ips to Sato CL408.

2. Added an option where EASYLABEL will proportionally adjust the width of a TrueType font automatically based on its defined height. This can be applied by entering “0” for the width.

3. Added the command file clause “close”. This clause will exit EASYLABEL when issued.

4. Added a toggle for dBase “all/marked” to the program options to allow the default setting to be selected. This is to help solve the $all issue with databases, some users need the “All” default while others need the “Marked” default.

5. Added support for MaxiCode to the Zebra Xi, XiII and PAX printers (except 90A, which does not allow it because of large dot size).

6. Added RJS online verifier support to Apollo printers.

7. Added space taken by F1 in the screen representation of the 128 barcode.

8. Added the ability for EASYLABEL serial files to be used from the memory card on Apollo.

9. Added automatic sentinel driver installation for Windows 95 and NT.

10. Added a report backup function. When a format is saved that has a report associated with it, a message alerts the user that if they proceed to save the format, even if nothing has changed on it, the report file will be re-written and the current contents of the report file will be saved in a backup file called <filename>.bak.

11. Added support for Apollo printers to print DataMatrix from a printer internal font instead of as a graphic for faster processing of incremented/decremented fields.

12. Added the HP LaserJet 5 to the printer list.

13. Added EAN 128 as a symbology.

14. Added support for Zebra ZNET/RS-485 Multi-Drop Network Printing on all models that support it. The printer configuration now contains this option along with a network printer address.

15. Added the ability to use formats created for Datamax, Fargo, Sato or Zebra printers with an Apollo printer. EASYLABEL will automatically convert these formats to print the same under the original printer. Fonts will be adjusted to the closest matching Apollo font in order to maintain the formats original appearance.

16. Removed the top reflective sensor option for Apollo 3, 3/300, 4, 4/300. It was invalid.

17. Removed KSW-2000 from the list of available printers, for all versions except the Japanese version.

18. Removed serial network choice from Zebra printers that don’t support it. Now it asks if using a serial network for the Zebra Xi, XiII or PAX series printers.

19. Removed the Direct Print option in the printer configuration screen when running Windows NT. With Windows NT, this option is invalid. All parallel printer output is routed through the Windows spooler (print manager). The OS is automatically detected during installation.

20. Changed startup code to make sure that the EASYLABEL screen is visible. There have been cases where the screen somehow moved completely off of the desktop area, resulting in an invisible window. This was caused by inadvertently closing EASYLABEL while it was minimized.

21. Changed maximum font size for scalable fonts in Datamax printers (2+ driver). Characters can now be up to 13.87 inches in height and width.

22. Changed maximum forms length for the Datamax printers (2+ driver). Labels can now be up to 99 inches long.

23. Changed RJS and Intermec drivers to allow for incrementation of barcodes that have a header added.

24. Changed the default orientation for Apollo printers. It was “leading edge up” but has been changed to “leading edge down”.

25. Changed the default height when creating a barcode. It now defaults to 12.7 mm (about 1/2″). It used to default to zero, which was invalid.

26. Changed the process of opening an EASYLABEL database that has an old index file. It will no longer prompt the user asking if they wish to rebuild the index. This will be done automatically. This avoids the problem of command files hanging if the index needed to be rebuilt. A progress message box will be displayed during the index rebuild.

27. Changed Apollo interpretation options to allow the user to choose to display the start/stop characters in the Human Readable Interpretation for Code 39 and Code 93.

28. Changed code in EASYLABEL to get around a bug in Zebra printers that would not let Code 128 increment around a code set change.

29. Changed Sato printer driver to allow user selection of RAM module for the 8400RV printer.

30. Changed the handling of lines so that all straight lines can be set to any thickness.

31. Changed the message “Format Created for Another Printer Controller” when opening a format under an Apollo which was originally created for a Datamax, Zebra, Sato or Fargo printer. If the user attempts to save the format under Apollo, they will be warned that the format will be permanently converted of they continue to save it.

32. Corrected the problem with the Zebra driver when using Code 128 (All Chars), this will now be incremented properly in the printer. Previously, EASYLABEL was sending each label individually.

33. Corrected the residual graphic fragment problem. When moving a graphic, a thin piece was still left in its original position until the screen was refreshed by exiting or resizing the label design area.

34. Correct prompts at new format creation screen, the prompts were defaulting to illogical states. They are now forced into logical defaults for the selected printer.

35. Corrected scalable font problem. When a text field using “v-scalable font (proportional)” was created using a Sato 8400 and changed to an 8400RV, the text field was dropped from the format.

36. Corrected printable number of batches on Zebra XiII Series. The XiII printers allow for up to 99,999,999 labels to be printed. EASYLABEL allowed for a request of 999,999 but only printed 9,999. We now allow for 999,999 labels to be printed.

37. Corrected the calculation of 128 Function 1 MOD 10. It was being calculated incorrectly.

38. Corrected the display of barcode interpretations for Apollo formats. Previously, the font used for the screen display was based on the height of the barcode and would display incorrectly even though the printer printed it correctly.

39. Corrected presentation position commands for the Datamax PE42 and PE43 printers. We no longer send commands to set the presentation position. This was overriding any front panel settings made by the user.

40. Corrected the Tharo Hercules 200/Prodigy Max 2+ UCC 128 SSCC-18/SCC-14 interpretation spacing problem. This was previously correct in the standard driver, but not the 2+ driver.

41. Corrected the circular arc problem that was introduced in version 2.2.

42. Corrected the problem with the “Day of the Week” and “Week Number” calculations. These were incorrect starting in the year 2001.

43. Corrected the screen discrepancy with Code 128 with added Function 1 characters. This was noticed with the Apollo driver.

44. Corrected the problem of EASYLABEL not unloading the Labelc.dll file. This was responsible for many problems, including the error message “Labelc wrong version” and “insufficient memory: Labelc heap”.

45. Corrected the problem where text fields defined with “Field Fill” would change size during a view/change if the format was created under version 2.1.

46. Corrected the dot density (number of dots per millimeter in the print head) problem for the Sato CL412. We were using the incorrect value.

47. Corrected problem on Apollo where label formats stored on the memory card were sometimes saved with the name DEFAULT.

48. Corrected problem where some printers would not increment/decrement DataMatrix or QR Code.

49. Corrected width problem with RJS screen interpretation. The width on screen did not match the printed interpretation.