easy.exe: 6/26/97
Released: 6/27/97

New Printers: Sato 8400RV, Datamax PE42 (Standard/Fargo), Zebra 105Se, Ovation! 2, Allegro 2


1. Added support for UPC E0/6 or 10 digit to the Apollo printers.

2. Added support for a new check digit for Code 39 for HIBCC called MOD 43. The letter “W” will be printed as the check digit if a <space> is entered as the check digit.

3. Label offset can now be set for all Zebra printers from within EASYLABEL. In previous models this was only supported for printers that had no front panel.

4. Added the “Function Character” prompt for Code 128 on Apollo printers. The choices are “0-No Function” or “1-Include Function 1”. If you choose to include the function 1, it will be inserted at the beginning of your data. Additionally, you will be able to embed the function 1, 2, 3, and 4 characters in the data stream.

5. Added a new prompt called “Reverse Field Adjustment” for the text field parameters when using a Windows driver.

6. Extended the maximum number of per line characters to 300 for a paragraph.

7. Modified and added support for all Datamax memory modules as follows:

0-Standard Memory (1 meg)
1-Extended 2meg Memory
2-Extended 5meg Memory
3-Extended 17meg Memory
8. Added the “Size of Gap” prompt to the Apollo printer.

9. Change made to the HP LaserJet printer driver to allow for wider paper widths. Allows for widths greater than 7.99 to be used.