easy.exe: 8/15/96
Released: 8/15/96

New Printers: Tharo Hercules 200 (standard), Zebra 220XiII, Zebra 140XiII, Zebra 170XiII, Zebra 90XiII, Sato CL412


1. Additional Special Formatting option called “6-Custom Numeric Amount”.

2. Support for PDF417 on Sato CL Series Printers.

3. Additional Program Configuration Option: Duplicate Serial Number

4. Additional Program Configuration Option for Zebra: Print Mode Override

5. Additional Printer Configuration Option for Fargo/Datamax: Use Standard Handshake

6. Added support for memory cards on the Sato CL Series printers.

7. Added an additional incrementing/decrementing option called “M-Custom” which allows the user to define their own incrementing sequence.

8. Added the UPS GroundTrac symbology.

9. Added support for an attached keyboard for the Apollo.

10. Added these Command File Clauses:

getstatus useprinter=printernumber;
clear useprinter=printernumber;
Also added a new DDE function called DDE_PrinterStatus that allows an application to retrieve the printer status string.

11. Allowing the ability to define a User ID and Password during installation if the User Sign on Required screen item is set to YES.

12. Added support for Mirror Image on the following Datamax Printers:

Hercules 200
Hercules 600 (with firmware 2.01 or higher)
Hercules 800 (with firmware 2.01 or higher)
13. Added an additional custom date formatting option that allows a single digit year.

14. Fixed the Menu Bar when running under Windows NT 4.0 or higher. The menu bar is now drawn as a graphic and does not appear “flat”.

15. Fixed the problem with Zebra where when printed TrueType text in orientations 2 and 3 did not print correctly when the justification was set to “Full”. The printed text did not match the screen. Happened when the entire field is not filled with data. If the field is entirely filled with data, everything is OK. Problem appeared on the Zebra 140Xi.

16. Fixed the problem when printing a PDF417 with an embedded CR and LF. When printing this bar code, the CR/LF characters were ignored and therefore not encoded as part of the bar code. EASYLABEL was not converting the special characters to something that the Zebra can understand.

17. Fixed the problem with printing a PDF417 with embedded hex characters. make sure that we are sending the ^FH if there are hex characters in the data stream.

18. Using a Gemini, fixed the problem where the job separator value was ignored (happened with continuous media).

19. Also corrected the screen prompts in which the job separator item was not available if using die cut label stock.

20. Corrected the problem when printing pricing formats in which the dollar sign ($) is printed and displayed on the screen in half the size as it does when printing to printers such as Fargo or Zebra.

21. Corrected the problem with PE42 and Hercules 200 where the instructions and screen choices for the memory options were incorrect. The choices are now listed correctly as:

Standard Memory 512k
Extended Memory 1meg
Extended Memory 2meg
Extended Memory 4meg
22. Fixed the Sato problem where printing formats with $all and FMTNAME with an embedded graphic caused the graphic to print on subsequent formats where there should not have been a graphic.

23. Fixed the intersecting line problem and the 2-point polygon line problem (200/600/800 and Orion) for Datamax printers that support the XOR modes and polygon command.

24. Corrected the problems under Apollo where downloading a format to the memory card did not require a sentinel. Also corrected the problem of incrementing fields when storing a format to the memory card as “Printer Prompts”. Now the fields will increment correctly.