easy.exe: 3/5/96
Released: 3/12/96

New Printers: Datamax PE42 (print and apply engine)


1. When multiple “when printed” fields are defined and the operator prompt contains a comma, the entire text for the prompt is displayed as one line on the screen. Previously, if the prompt line had a comma in it, the text for the prompt line was being displayed on two lines. The problem appeared in the “Prompt Number” directions box on the fields specification screen.

2. When using EASYLABEL’s DDE functions from within a Visual Basic program, the VB program can now print the requested EASYLABEL format file without returning the error. “Job 1 (starting at line1): Cannot read file c:subdirectoryformatname. Press ENTER to continue processing file or ESC to cancel. Previously, when using the VB program with the DDE functions, EASYLABEL was unable to open the format file and print it.

3. When using a serial number embedded in a database record and the FMTNAME function, the serial number now gets updated correctly when the field specification screen parameter “Update Database” is set to YES. Previously, if using the same type of database and the fields on the label did not have field names, the serial number in the database did not get updated.

4. Parallel printing on all printers (except Windows installed printer drivers) is now done using printing functions that write directly to the hardware. By changing the way jobs are sent to the parallel port, parallel printing under Windows 95 is much faster and the user does not need to configure the “Direct Print” option to NO.

5. When printing variable bar codes, a new “Justify” option appears. Users can print the bar codes as Left, Centered or Right Justified.

6. Specific to the Fargo Driver, labelpf0.dll:

Corrected a problem where graphics were not printing correctly on the Prodigy/T112 printer. Some graphics in some orientations printed all broken up.
Outline circles can now be printed on the printers that support the polygon command:
Wizard (with 2.0 firmware or higher)
Hercules 600
Hercules 800

7. Specific to the Datamax Driver, labelpd0.dll:

Corrected a problem in which “Print to File” would produce on “Out of Space” message in the print queue. EASYLABEL was using the default (minimum) printer memory when printing a format to a file even though the memory in the printer was upgraded to 2 or 5 meg to be able to print a large label to the printer.
Outline circles can now be printed on the printers that support the polygon command.
Hercules 600
Hercules 800
Hercules 200
Datamax PE42

The maximum heat setting allowed on the Hercules 200 is 30. Previously, the maximum value allowed was 20.

The heat setting for the Orion is now being sent correctly. Previously, any value over 20 was sent as 20.