easy.exe: 1/31/96
Released: 2/9/96


1. The following WYSIWYG problems on the RJS 260 have been corrected:

Text using Font E prints smaller than it did under version 1.7.
Text using Fonts H, J and L do not appear on the screen. This did not occur under version 1.7.
Text using Font K in stacked orientations does not match what is printed on the printer.
2. Cutter choices for all Fargo/Datamax/Tharo printers have been changed to the following:

For the T112, all cutter choices are still available.
For all other Tharo/Datamax printers, the cutter options are:
0 – No cutter installed
1 – Cutter installed

3. The Auto Submit function, when set to YES, now works correctly.
When a user enters variable data on the operator input screen, the print request screen is presented each time the user enters new data for the label. Previously, the user was only able to select the quantity of labels to print after the very first time the label data was entered.

4. The RAM Extension screen item on the printer specification screen for the Orion printer was removed. The Orion printer does not have RAM Extension cartridges. The Orion printer supports on-board memory upgrades and Flash memory module. Since EASYLABEL does not support Flash modules, the RAM Extension screen item was removed.

5. TrueType fields printed in orientations 2, 3, and 4 now print correctly on the Zebra printers. Previously, when printing fields in the above orientations, the field would print half the width as what was shown on the screen.

6. Lines that are .01″ thick now print as .02″ thick automatically on the Hercules 200/600/800 and the Orion printers. EASYLABEL uses the polygon command to print a line and these printers cannot print a line thickness smaller than this if the polygon command is used. This is a firmware problem.

7. When printing text fields that use a height magnification greater than or less than the width magnification value, the printer will print the text with the correct height and width magnifications. Previously, the text did not print as shown on the screen. EASYLABEL was sending the height magnification as the height. This problem appeared when the printer configured was the Hercules 600/800 (2+) or the Hercules 200.

8. Tharo’s Email and web address were added to the splash screen.