easy.exe: 1/5/96
Released: 1/10/96

New Printers: Tharo Hercules 200, Tharo Orion, Zebra 106s, Gemini


1. Added additional data checking option called “Fixed List of Values”

2. Added support for polygons on printers that support them.

3. Added Program Configuration options:

Tab on CR
Auto Submit
Save Data
4. Added support for Duplex Printing.

5. Added support for Field Fill for variable text fields.

6. Added selection list for database search keys.

7. Added a “Firmware Level” item for the printer configuration for Sato CL608 and 8400s.

8. Added enhancements to the Report functions.

9. Added a Weighted Mod 10 Check Digit for Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5 and Code 39.

10. Added the following sources of data for single line text fields:

X – External File
N – Name When Printed
I – Database Indirect
11. Added the following command file clauses:

eraserecords dbase=filename;
append dbase=filename inputfile=filename;
sort dbase=filename orderby=(fields);
cancel job=number;
cancel useprinter=number;
12. When printing a report to a file, any field designated as “do not include” are not printed to the file. Previously, if the field was designated as “do not include” the field would still get written to the file.

13. When selecting to print one record on a label, using an old DOS format, EASYLABEL correctly prints the record that was specified. Previously, all records would be printed.

14. You are now able to have more than 50 characters on the “Special Format” text string line.

15. It is now possible to run the setup program from the c: drive.

16. We now send the MOD 10 when printing an Interleaved 2 of 5 MOD 10 bar code to the Apollo.

17. Corrected the problem where the last line of a paragraph was losing its descenders when printing to a Sato 8440 or Sato 8450.