easy.exe: 8/29/95
Released: 9/5/95

New Printers: Windows Printers


1. Added Hexadecimal and Octal incrementation/decrementation.

2. Support for the Western Telematic CAS-81 8-way switch box.

3. Support for Windows Meta Files (.wmf) and Encapsulated PostScript Files (.eps).

4. Support for Print Modes when configured for a Zebra model printer. Tear-Off, Peel-Off, Rewind and Cutter.

5. Support for the RPS interpretation with checksum. This appears as an additional special formatting option when designing a text field.

6. Support for circles and ellipses on the DMX 400/Tharo Wizard (with firmware version 2.01 or higher).

7. Corrected a problem where check digits other than Code 39 Mod 43 could not be copied into a text field. The problem produced the error “Cannot Create Field” when “Copied” as the Source of Data, then selecting the check digit for the “Name of Copy Field” item.

8. Corrected a problem where check digits other than Code 39 Mod 43 are not encoded into a second bar code. The linked check digit does not appear in the HRI. When the bar code is scanned, the linked check digit does not appear as part of the data.

9. Removed the MOD 11 check digit selection from the list because it was the same as the MOD 11 DR check digit.

10. Corrected the problem where database memo fields would not completely print if the following criteria existed:
a. if the memo field data contained embedded blank lines
b. if the field used a TrueType font
c. if the printer was a Sato

11. Corrected a problem where upgrading from version 1.0 to 1.6 or .161 caused some graphics on some formats to get rotated 90 degrees.

12. Corrected a Print Date problem on the Apollo where special formatted date fields were causing an error on the printer.

13. Corrected a Print Date problem where time changed from AM to PM and the time designator was not rolling over at 12 NOON.

14. Corrected the problem where data fields with embedded slashes in a database field would appear as 9//99//9 instead of as 99/99/99.

15. Corrected a problem where the choices for “Reflective Sensor” were not displaying correctly based on the design printer selected.

16. Corrected a problem where the Operator Input Box was being displayed after the variable input boxes were filled and the user pressed enter.

17. Corrected a problem with embedded hex characters in a Code 128 symbology. Embedded hex characters were not correctly being encoded into the symbology.

18. Made a change to the minimum character width of TrueType text fields allowed for 300 dpi printers (Fargo and Sato).

19. Fixed a problem with cutting after each format when there were more than 1 format across the web on the Apollo.

20. Made a change to the darkness range on the Apollo because of a change in the firmware. (Was -5 to 5. Now: -10 to 10)

21. Corrected a problem in which formats having TrueType fields were originally created for lower dot density printers and then converted to higher dot density printers. The TrueType fields will now print the same size now with the dot density. This is within the same printer family.

22. Fixed a problem in which the display msg box was being repeated for successive command file jobs.

23. Inserted the STX K after a clear memory for the Fargo printers.

24. Corrected a problem with thin vertical lines on a Windows printer.

25. Made a modification to allow the Big Button Menu bar to display correctly under Windows 95.

26. Corrected a problem where some formats designed as “Landscape” printed as “Portrait” and vice versa.

27. Corrected a problem where $DEBUG was being initialized after the printer tasks. This defeated the purpose of sending queries to a Zebra.

28. Corrected a problem in which database search keys (using an ODBC driver) caused a “Syntax Error” message if the key contained a single quote.

29. Corrected a problem with PCX color pictures printing to a color printer.