easy.exe: 6/7/95
Released: 6/13/95

Printers: Tharo/Fargo, Zebra, Sato, HP LaserJet, CF1000, PostScript Laser, RJS, cab Apollo, Peer International PP-2020, Windows Printers


1. Added support for the memory card on the Apollo. This allows a user to store formats to the printer, then print the formats without a PC attached.

2. Added a 1/2″ roundup to the label height to get a vertical separation on the Apollo with die cut labels. This allows the printer to recognize if a label is missing.

3. Corrected a problem in which the wrong day of the week was being sent to the printer. This especially was causing problems on printers with front panel displays.

4. Corrected the reverse image picture problem on Windows printers.

5. Modified the status text that appears in the print queue. Now, a percentage is shown when downloading fonts or graphics.

6. Corrected a problem in which the reset command on the CF1000 was not being sent when an EASYLABEL session ended.