easy.exe: 7/28/94
Released: 8/5/94

New Printers: PostScript Laser


1. Support for ODBC.

2. A BROWSE button was added to search directories when:
a. Adding, changing or erasing formats
b. Printing formats
c. Adding, changing or erasing database files
d. Adding pictures, paragraphs, serial files, or databases to a format
e. Writing a format to an output file

3. Filenames support International characters

4. The mouse cursor automatically “snaps” to the quit button when exiting from menus.

5. Added support for Code 128 A function codes FN1, FN2, FN3 and FN4

6. Command file keyword ” Testprint” was modified to allow the user to choose between 3 options: Cancel – to cancel command file processing, Test Print – to test print one format, or Print Batch – to proceed with the batch.

7. Modified the ability to change text fields from the Print Menu. The fields can only be changed if the user has format design access.

8. A new printer configuration screen item was added to allow printers to print jobs simultaneously. The Concurrent Access screen item allows multiple printers to print simultaneously instead of cycling from 1 printer to the next, if sharable or separate interrupts. If the serial port configuration of the PC is not known or if ports are not separate or sharable, then print jobs to multiple printers will cycle from 1 printer to the next.

9. A GPF related to a field length change and recreating the database structure was corrected.

10. Fixed the problem where International characters would not print if embedded in an external paragraph file.