easy.exe: 12/19/93
Released: 12/23/93

New Printers: Sato


1. Line spacing for a paragraph field
Allows you to adjust the space between lines of text in a paragraph for easier control of field geography.

2. Full justify for a paragraph field
Provides the user with the ability to format a paragraph to have crisp left and right edges. Not yet available for: TrueType fonts on the Fargo-Datamax printer, TrueType and Scalable fonts on the Zebra printers.

3. Bidirectional Communications
Supports the cancel command from the printer. Allows the user to cancel a job that has already sent to the printer. (For Sato Printers Only).

Known bugs:

1. Print Date does not print correct date when Internal Scalable fonts are used and special formatting is Short Date, Long Date or Julian Date.

2. The “&” character showing as an “_” character on the screen.