easy.exe: 9/7/93
Released: 9/27/93

New Printers: Zebra


1. Erase All Records
Allows the user to erase all records in the database while maintaining the structure of the database.

2. Print to File
Allows the user to send a format to a text file.

3. PDF417 and Code 49
Added to the Zebra driver.

4. Copy as a Source of Data for a Paragraph Field

Known Bugs:

1. Serialized Bar Codes
A serialized bar code with interpretation will update the Serial File and will print serialized bar codes properly. However, while in the “Print” menu, the screen interpretation will not immediately update to the next available serial number until you exit the “Print” menu.

2. Outputting to a Serial Port
If EASYLABEL is configured for multiple printers, on serial ports, the following problems exist:

a.) If the mouse shares an IRQ with a printer, the mouse will lock until EASYLABEL is terminated.
b.) A second job may not immediately print to an alternate or second printer.