The chart below shows the available sentinel keys and on which software packages they can be used:

ColorGreenRed & WhiteWhite/BeigeWhite/BeigeWhite/BeigeRed
Sentinel Model4BXRBASIC46734307Sentinel LM4BWM
EL32 Network & EL4 Multi-Usern/an/an/an/aFULLn/a
EL32 & EL4 Terminal Servern/an/an/aFULLn/an/a
EL32 & EL4 PlatinumPrint Onlyn/aFULLFULLn/aSee Note∗
EL32 Express & EL4 GoldFULLn/aFULLFULLn/aSee Note∗
EL32 Basic & EL4 Silvern/aFULLFULLFULLn/aSee Note∗
EL WIN16Print Onlyn/aFULLFULLn/aSee Note∗
EL Express WIN16FULLn/aFULLFULLn/aSee Note∗

∗With the exception of the Network and Terminal Server versions, the following printers can be used with the RED sentinel (4BWM) with FULL functionality :

Tharo/cab Apollo 3
Tharo/cab Apollo 4
Datamax Allegro
Datamax DMX400
Tharo Freedom
Tharo Wizard
Zebra Stripe 300
Any Windows Driver